Sociopatriot (2015)

Written and illustrated by James Ryan

[Non-Fiction, Investigative Journalism, Criminal Psychology]

On October 22, 2014, at the Canadian National War Memorial on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian soldier on ceremonial sentry duty. Shortly after the incident that shocked an entire nation, a woman with a strong history of mental instability (who at the time was going by the name of Brianne Patterson) from Vancouver, B.C., created a fraudulent Facebook page with over 225,000 members (thanks to the media who foolishly promoted the page), as well as a GoFundMe account in an attempt to profit off of Cpl. Cirillo’s death, all under the guise of patriotism and goodness. Ms. Patterson has since claimed “defamation,” however, no lawsuit has ever been filed against the author. Why not? Because it’s only slander if it’s NOT TRUE.

Written by Canadian author (Desolate Warrior) and martial artist, James Ryan, this book uncovers the truth behind the lies, which were at times impossible for the average person to comprehend. Ryan also discusses a variety of topics, such as: online bullying, reputation defamation, the war against media brainwashing, emotional hijacking, conspiracy theories, exploiting mental illness, and the unbelievable concept of “Mobthink.”

SOCIOPATRIOT is a definite MUST READ in today’s real world of FAKE NEWS.



“This is a thought provoking, informative and entertaining book. I read it from front to back and it’s made me think differently about our legal system towards online criminals. James Ryan did a great job describing his investigation and provided solid sources to back-up his information. SOCIOPATRIOT brings you to the front-lines of the complex and misunderstood world of cyber-bullying. I would definitely recommend everyone to read this book because it’ll help you understand exactly how easily something like this could happen to you.”
- Andrew Aitken, founder of Written Rock (Canada)

“When I wrote that I would read SOCIOPATRIOT ‘over the weekend,’ I didn’t understand its length or complexity. It’s obvious that the author has spent much time and has devoted much research to it. How did he find the time to manage his life and his work, yet still contemplate, write, blog, and do research? My own book was researched and written when I was largely retired, my family doing okay and scattered, and I was just a free and unencumbered  loner, although like James Ryan, obviously motivated.  I’ll  read his opus in small bights over the next month or two, but in the meantime, may I wish the author much success in its promotion, publication, and ultimate success.”
- Ted Walden, author (Canada)

“I finished reading SOCIOPATRIOT and it was very interesting and enlightening. James Ryan is a gifted writer. Personally, I am into paper trails, and he certainly did a trail on this Patterson girl. I hope they catch her and prosecute her. James put a lot of effort into this project, and it should make everyone aware of what’s going on in the cyber-world. I am not into Facebook or Twitter, and from what I have just read, I have no interest in spending my time in this way.”
- Dave B. (Canada)

“A compelling, shocking, and riveting read. It’s astounding to what level government, law enforcement, and mental health professionals have failed both the victims and Miss Musing. If I have one hope, it’s that this book leads to justice for those who have had to endure the terror imposed on them by Ms Patterson and for she to be held accountable and get the professional help she so clearly needs.”
- Anonymous (Canada)

“I was pleased, honoured actually, to receive an advanced copy of SOCIOPATRIOT from James Ryan the author. I have been astounded at some behaviours that I have witnessed in my short time online, but as I watched this story unravel, I became more intrigued. It just kept getting weirder and weirder . . . and scarier and scarier. Would you want your personal information strewn across cyber-space? Beginning with being reminded of the mindset of the general population regarding our personal security, this book takes the reader on a journey inside the potential, but very real, security breaches we each face every day simply by interacting over the Internet. I certainly had no idea the depths that some could reach. And I mean DEEP . . . scary deep. We were all horrified when Hamilton’s son, Nathan Cirillo, was murdered, but for a despicable scammer and bully to take advantage of our grief and confusion is, was, and continues to be abhorrent. When merely being questioned about anything, this ‘woman’ attacks and destroys. She even goes so far as to create out and out, life-destroying lies to stir the controversy pot and get website hits. Then we discover a history of similar events orchestrated by the same woman, dating back years and years . . . just wow. ‘What if that had been my son?’ It is apparent the writing of this exposé was motivated by empathy for the many victims and the realization that on-line security laws are lax. By providing some background and then documenting the crimes using various sources, James has done his homework! He writes about the facts in a conversational style that untangles the web of lies. This is THE true crime story and a must read for anyone with an interest in on-line security and every citizen of Hamilton, too.”
- An Observer from Hamilton (Canada)

“If the mark of a good book is to make the reader feel, I would say you have a winner in yours. From the moment I began to read it, I began to feel sorrow and desperation. When you spoke of 9/11, it took me right back to that day. On that day, I too felt an overwhelming need to gather my family and to be ready to go to ground at a moment’s notice. I also felt overwhelming sorrow for the many that gave their lives that day, against their will, to further an agenda none of us would ever really understand. Then the anger came and I was right back in that very dark place I lived for so many years. That old familiar anger and darkness that I thought I had buried long ago came to the surface. The anger towards a woman whom I never met, but who for over two years sought to destroy my life and in doing so, she also tried to destroy the lives of my family and friends. The anger and darkness has a name, and it is Brianne - destroyer of lives. I should feel sympathy for her as it is obvious, and she has admitted, she suffers with a mental illness. Maybe on some level I do, but for as much as I thought I had forgiven and forgotten, I realized when reading your book, I never really did – not completely. This is something I’m going to have to work on. I have no plans to remain in the dark place or to engage her, regardless of what attempts she may make to have me do so. To do so would give her too much power. Power I took back long ago. It is my hope James that your book shines an even bigger light on the crimes and deeds of this woman and it brings some measure of comfort to all of her victims (and there are many) in knowing that they are not alone and there are people out there who actually believe them. But more than this, I hope it becomes a starting and talking point for true change in the way the cyber-stalking and bullying is handled by authorities. Not only in your country, but in mine as well.”
- Holly Briley, blogger (USA)

“Advance copy of SOCIOPATRIOT has not disappointed at all. A real eye opener. 10 out of 10 – a must read! James Ryan is one hell of an author.”
- Cyber Bully Report (United Kingdom)

“The evolution of the ‘Town Crier’ to ‘Internet Troll’ has been complex on the outside, very simple on the inside. Both, just needed (need) attention. If cash follows, even better! Not a big deal when one person’s insecurity could only rob or mislead a village. Now one misguided soul can even rob the living in the name of the dead. Or mislead an entire nation with hidden intentions. Thank you for confirming that suspicion as well. I was thinking of who should read this book. Any military personnel, to prevent their name from being posthumously milked. Anyone who uses social media, to know the tactics. Any parents, as trolls can target anyone, and why raising trolls is a bad idea. The under-the-lying tragedy? The people who need to read this book are the scam artists, attention seekers, and anyone who follows anyone on social media. Camouflaged intentions, bait and switch, shell games, provoke and play victim adapted. We, haven’t caught up yet. Anyone who uses social media, is their target. The war with personal insecurity, is global.”
- James F. Hill, writer (USA)

“I finished the book about my online cyber-stalker, who was also behind the Nathan Cirillo Facebook page and the Light Up Yellow scam. It’s a very excellent and detailed book about how one woman named Brianne has a history of creating Facebook pages based on real charities to gain traffic to her personal websites, where she then attacks celebrities and anyone else who opposes her scams. The book SOCIOPATRIOT is not about Nathan Cirillo. It is about a known cyber-stalker who exploited his name and also the lives she tried to destroy. Leave it to her to post about the author of a book that exposes how she exploited a slain Canadian soldier, Nathan Cirillo, and how she attacked military families and veterans who tried to stop her. Her most recent scam was creating a Facebook community page in ‘honour’ of Nathan Cirillo, but instead of honouring him, she used her page to attack myself and others and directed people to go to her personal website in order to attract traffic and profit. I was given an advance copy of James Ryan’s book where he spent eight months investigating Miss Musing and interviewing her former victims. The book is very detailed and actually written about how Miss Musing, Canada’s most notorious cyber-stalker, hid behind a keyboard and hurt a lot of people with her twisted tactics. Many of Brianne’s victims have been written about by her on, including myself. It shows how really is a platform for attacks by cyber-bullies. I opposed Brianne on December 31, 2014 when I found out she was exploiting a dead soldier’s identity with a fake Facebook page and a fraud GoFundMe scam. In James Ryan’s book, he details how she successfully raked my name through the mud for standing up for what was morally right. James Ryan’s book is excellently written and detailed and exposes Brianne for the mentally sick and morally void person that she is. James Ryan also shows due respect to the Cirillo family and those who fight for what is right and against the evil of the world.”
- Dann Martin (Canada)

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