OFC President hopes to bring a National Championship back to Ontario

James Ryan


One of the things that has impressed me the most about the Ontario Football Conference since I’ve joined the Executive as the OFC Media Coordinator, is the surprising level of cooperation and camaraderie that seems to exist between each of the eight teams. At least, it seems that way from my perspective.

That’s not to say however, that each of the teams aren’t incredibly competitive with each other or that they aren’t playing to win each and every week, but it does mean that they compete at a much higher level that absolutely promotes respect, sportsmanship, and the common goal of bringing a Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL) National Championship back to Ontario.

“Obviously, the goals for this year are to ensure that we have a competitive season amongst all of our Junior teams,” said OFC President, Darren Cocchetto.

“We’ve been fortunate in the OFC to have three straight seasons where all four playoff spots were not determined until the very last weekend of Conference play. We hope that trend continues again this year because that keeps the interest high in all of the various cities throughout the OFC.”

Meanwhile, despite the fierce and exciting competition throughout the OFC, the same can’t necessarily be said between the OFC and the other remaining Conferences in the CJFL.

“As a Conference, we hope to narrow the gap between us and the Conferences out west,” added Cocchetto.

“Not since the 1999 season when the Windsor AKO Fratmen won the Canadian Bowl, has a team from the OFC been crowned National Champion. We hope to bring the 2013 Canadian Bowl home to the east again.”

What really seems to set the OFC apart from any other football league in Ontario is that it plays for a National Championship that is now nearly 100-years old. Bringing that National Championship back to Ontario in 2013 would be the ultimate goal for any of the teams in the OFC.

“It’s been nearly 15 years since the OFC has won the Canadian Bowl, and it would be a tremendous boost for all of the teams in the OFC if the OFC Champion could also earn National honours as well”.

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James Ryan
James Ryan

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