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Desolate Warrior Blog: Will Ribeiro Cranioplasty Surgery Successful

James Ryan

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.”—Tom Krause

For many people around the world (depending on your specific religious beliefs, I suppose), Monday April 25th was a day of Easter celebration—a chance to spend some “quality time” with the crazier members of your families, and to maybe even enjoy a carb-heavy meal or two along the way.

For Will Ribeiro however, this was also a day that he had been looking forward to for a very, very long time. It was a day that was as much feared, as it was welcomed.

As many of you may already know, Will Ribeiro suffered a terrible head trauma a little over two years ago in his home country of Brazil when he was injured on his motorcycle, which ultimately ruined this young athlete’s very promising fighting career. With over 30 percent of his skull removed due to the seriousness of his injuries, a major indent was formed on the right side of Will’s head, making it extremely difficult for him to go out into public without having to worry about people staring or laughing as he went by.

A head injury such as the one that Will suffered has a tremendous psychological effect on a person, as well as physical, but luckily, there is a surgical procedure known as “Cranioplasty” that specifically helps with the repair of any defect or deformity of the skull.

This procedure is usually very expensive, but it isn’t exactly a routine root canal either. In fact, this is a very complicated and serious operation that far from guarantees that the patient will ever wake up.

For Will, yesterday was the big day of his surgery, and I have to tell you, that as strong and courageous as Will normally is, I know that he was absolutely “terrified” by the real possibility that he may never wake up. Despite that however, Will remained positive and optimistic, as he placed his life into the hands of the doctors.

Well, I have good news. The surgery was apparently a huge success and Will is recovering just fine.

Below is a message that he posted on his Facebook page:

Documentary Material for the Rehabilitation of the Athlete International MMA Will Ribeiro
Hospital Santa Teresa – Petrópolis
Doctors in charge: Dr. Edelton, Marcos, Marcelo and Bruno

“This plastic surgery cranioplasty in any private hospital here in Brazil, would not leave for less than 120,000 reias [Equal to $76,677.00 USD], now thanks to Doctor Program Edelton Ali, his research and made more than 12 years in Sao Paulo, simple people like me who cannot afford 120,000 reias can enter this design, material and national custom in Brazil-Campinas, fits perfectly in the local deformed, and the surgery performed in a hospital in the first Petrópolis if risk contamination. Thank God there are still good people here in Brazil that cares about others.

“Petrópolis is to be congratulated, public health here and first, the health of the River could look up at the Hospital Santa Teresa, here they are a partner in the private hospital with the SUS, is AWESOME, and particularly the Hospital and at the same time, public.”

Please add Will as a friend on Facebook to view a video of his procedure, and to congratulate him on a successful surgery. I know it would mean a lot to him. He loves his family, friends and fans.

Thank you.

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“I finished it late last night and I have to say—it is awesome! The pictures, the detail of all the players involved, and no doubt this will be BIG for Will! I love how it’s laid out. Great job, James! It has love, hate, betrayal, courage, and everything in a great book. I think you hit it big. It hits every human emotion, which is what a good book does. And the quotes are terrific!”—Kevin Cabezas

“James, just finished your book earlier today, and I must say I am disgusted with Ed Soares and his way of treating someone who literally put his life in his manager’s hands. The language barrier never helped the Ribeiro family of course, but at the end of the day, someone in Ed Soares’ position should be taking care of his fighters and treating them like his family. Instead, he did the opposite when his help was needed the most. Perhaps I am naive and expect too much from people, but it really has shocked me with how many lies they were willing to give you, to make themselves look good, and Will/Wladimir look bad. But hey, after reading your book, my conclusion is that Ed Soares is the new Don King of MMA.”—John Peterson

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James Ryan
James Ryan


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    Wow, that’s is serious. Great to hear Will came out of it ok and is doing well. Here’s to a great recovery for Mr. Ribeiro!!

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