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James Ryan
Interview with SWKKF Senate Member Sensei Brad Cosby By: Sensei James Ryan St. Catharines Wado Kai Karate “Sensei Shintani never looked at karate as ‘that’s all there is, it’s a static art.’ It was always evolving, changing for the better.” – Sensei Brad Cosby (Hachidan) Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with...
James Ryan
“I remember the first time I attended the national tournament… I was a yellow belt, and I will never forget seeing this competition. It was a big part of what hooked me into karate so strongly. I would look forward to seeing it each year, watching Sensei Roger St. Arneault, Sensei Neil Prime, and...
James Ryan
The following interview dates back all the way to November 9, 2011. Initially, this interview was part of a brand new sports-variety talk-show called The Sportstender (hosted by myself), but not long afterwards, was permanently removed off of YouTube, and the show later became an Internet-only, play-on-demand podcast (also currently inactive). Shortly after the...