Courage is not defined by the absence of fear. Fear is natural. Courage is what happens when a person is afraid, but does what needs to be done anyway.

James Ryan
As of today, it’s been three weeks since my hernia surgery, so to help celebrate, I decided to head out onto the Bruce Trail for a quick little three hour hike. How could I not on a day such as today? It was 18 degrees and gorgeous out there. A perfect Spring day. A...

“Ninety-nine people love the campfire, one hates it. Ninety-nine people fear the wolf’s howl, one envies it.”

James Ryan
“Bri****, you are a magician putting on a show and you’re a master of your craft.” – Tonight on Twitter, the founder of the Light Up Yellow Campaign (formerly the RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page) and (yes, she is the SAME person, despite her continuous efforts to confuse her readers into...