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James Ryan
Change is stressful. Changing jobs (or being unemployed and job searching) can be even more stressful, particularly if you have major responsibilities in your life such as a mortgage to pay for or children to feed. The emotional toll of joblessness can weigh heavily upon a person’s shoulders and this can deeply affect a...
James Ryan
As a teacher and counsellor, one of my main responsibilities is to always offer whatever level of service and guidance that I can to young adults who constantly struggle to choose the right career path that best suits their personal life goals and interests (and in some cases, their dreams). Of course, it always...
James Ryan
2009 Welcome to my very first blog post. Special thanks to my good friend, Paul Dalton for starting this blog for me, thus helping me to begin my dream of becoming a professional writer. Getting involved in coaching is easy. Anyone can do it. Being a good coach however, is a completely different (and much...