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James Ryan
Evan Marriott is famous for having been the star of FOX television’s reality show “Joe Millionaire.” In this interview, we discuss his rise and fall from stardom, Brock Lesnar, the UFC, Anderson Silva’s broken leg, our own broken leg experiences, meeting former Heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier, Tim’s Place and Momma D’s Dungeon in...
James Ryan
Jake “Champ” Bellamy is an up-and-coming sportswriter with, as well as a media analyst and writer with the Ontario Football Conference (OFC). In this interview, we discuss youth football in Ontario, the comparison between amateur sports in both Canada and the USA, the NFL play-off picture, and the NHL Winter Classic between the...
James Ryan
Release Date: 2015 Written by: DJ Jones Edited and Foreword by: James Ryan The true story of DJ Jones; a 130-pound, 6-foot tall, 50-something, African-American wife, mother, and professional fitness coach, who became the first and only person to ever ride her 800-pound motorcycle, Big Bertha, solo through all 50 American States consecutively during...