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James Ryan
SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!! Day 100 of my #100DayPaddleChallenge was absolutely incredible!! Special thanks to my wife Julie, as well as the entire crew out of Buffalo, NY (Carl, Nath Alie, Jojo, Richard and David) for travelling up to the Great White North so that we could all paddle together on this momentous occasion. We had...
James Ryan
smoking a pipe
Hey guys, how’s it going? Facebook sent me a notification that I haven’t posted in a while and that I’ve been neglecting my 159 faithful friends, so my apologies. Here’s an update on my life: First off, let me just say that this whole woodworking thing started off as something to do while I...


James Ryan
This feature-length documentary follows naturalist Bill Mason on his journey by canoe into the Ontario wilderness. The filmmaker and artist begins on Lake Superior, then explores winding and sometimes tortuous river waters to the meadowlands of the river’s source. Along the way, Mason paints scenes that capture his attention and muses about his love...