What an Honour

James Ryan

The latest issue of Black Belt Magazine, featuring an article written by yours truly (page 13), entitled: Master’s Legacy Lives on in Canada. It’s all about the late Hanshi Masaru Shintani, and the Senate Committee which carries his memory 20 years after his passing.

It’s been a great honour to write and submit an editorial on behalf of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation (SWKKF). I have loved this magazine since I was a child. Crazy to think that my name is in here now, and for this reason. Talk about a circle of life.

I first met Sensei Shintani at the Delhi karate tournament when I was only 10 years old (1983). After that, he and my father would regularly chat at events, usually about me. Sensei would tell my father that I had great spirit. I was young and shy, and so each time Sensei would ask me a question, I could barely get one or two words out. Five years later in 1988, I graded to black belt in Sensei’s presence at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. I remember Sensei was always calm and friendly. Just being around him put you at ease.

James Ryan
James Ryan


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