Happy American Thanksgiving during this Time of Modern-Aged Civil War

James Ryan

Happy American Thanksgiving during this time of a modern-aged civil war.

Trumps vs Anti-Trumps. Rationals vs Emotionals. Nationalists vs Globalists. Righties vs Lefties. Conservatives vs Liberals. Alt-media vs mainstream media. Conspiracy theorists vs Deep State secret-societies. Nazis vs Communists vs Capitalists vs Socialists. Christians vs Muslims vs Atheists vs Jews. Not Pedophiles vs Pedophiles. Dog People vs Cat People. Whites vs Browns. Men vs Women vs Them. Awake vs Deceived. The World vs George Soros. Pilgrims vs Natives…

Whatever your beef and whoever it’s with, just remember that Thanksgiving was first created so that people who normally hated each other could put aside their differences for just one day to become brothers and sisters and neighbours and friends. For one day, every year – to try not to kill each other.

Don’t be fooled by the divide and conquer tactics that are currently being perpetuated by the cult of celebrity personality. Understand that what’s happening in this world is way bigger than any of our current capabilities to process and comprehend the absolutely unbelievable truth.

And as far as personality goes, and whether or not you like or dislike a certain politician’s personality, has zero to do with what’s really going on on this planet we call Earth. Everyone just needs to accept the fact that the only thing they truly know in this world, is absolutely nothing. If they could all just start from there and grow towards acceptance and understanding of our current global situation (and no, I’m not talking about climate change), then they might just be able to remove themselves from their unintentional negative mindset.

I mean… what do you really know, anyway? And how do you really know it? Do you ever just ask yourself; what if what we’ve always been told during this whole entire lifetime is just one big, gigantic fib starting with where man came from?

How would you then know what you now know? Instincts? Research? Trust in others? A textbook? A bible? The Internet?


This is the new civil war that we are all currently experiencing. It’s pitting neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend, children against their parents, and so on. So don’t let this shitty, screwed-up world come between you and the only people you actually care about.

Do not lose this war that has been waged on your mind.

For one day anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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James Ryan
James Ryan


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