The Truth About Climate Change and Global Warming: It’s Evolution Baby!

James Ryan

Yesterday, I shared an article from the website entitled: Shocking New [Edward] Snowden Confession; “Climate Change is a Hoax by the CIA.”

Rather than get into it too much, I would invite you all to read the article for yourself, and also, to learn a bit about Mr. Snowden in the process. In other words, like Bruce Lee used to say: “Empty your cup.” Stop assuming you already know everything there is to know about everything just because you think it makes sense (not everything in this world makes sense or fits neatly in your pre-conditioned mental compartments) or that it’s always what you’ve been told by your teachers, your parents or your highly respected friends, so it MUST be true! Well, not everything we’ve been conditioned to believe since birth is true. Sorry to burst your bubble. And even more sorry if you think you’re the exception to the brain-washing rule – you’re not.

In fact, one highly respected friend of mine (I mean that most sincerely by the way) made a comment challenging Mr. Snowden to visit Brazil to see the effects of global warming first hand. He also then joked that Mr. Snowden would be incapable because he is currently living as a fugitive from the United States government somewhere in Russia, as if to immediately discredit him as an honest or knowledgeable source of information. Well, if you believe what the media tells you, Snowden was nothing more than a low-level IT guy and a traitor to the American people, but in reality, he was a high-level cyber-security expert with the CIA and the NSA who sabotaged his own livelihood in order to bring the truth about government corruption to the people. He was also considered to be a “genius among geniuses” by his peers. I promise you, the more you look into him, the more you’ll see that he’s actually one of the good guys.

Not that most people care.

Anyway, to summarize, Snowden basically claims that “Global Warming was invented to both scare people, and divert their attention from other human-made dangers such as nuclear weapons. The CIA gave millions of dollars to any scientist who would confirm the theory, so many unscrupulous scientists did. Now, there is so much fake data to confirm that Global Warming ‘exists,’ that they actually convinced everyone that it was real.”

[Side Note: How many nuclear explosions to you think have been tested underwater over the past eighty years? And what effect to you think this might have had on the temperature of the oceans?]

People become skeptical towards counter-information like this because it goes against the official political and media-driven narratives. It also goes against the scientific community (but not all of it – just the part that’s been bought and sold). And what really amuses me is how much stock people have learned to put into science – as  if no scientist could ever possibly be corrupt. Well, I hate to tell you this, but . . . all man is capable of corruption. Politicians and scientists are not the exception to this rule.

[Side Note: What ever happened to all of the scientists that were working for the Nazis? Oh, that's right! They were hired by the American government. No doubt a good bunch of honest fellas.]

Look . . . here’s the deal when it comes to Climate Change and Global Warming . . .

The world breaths and is in a constant state of motion and change. It’s the inevitable. It always has been. It always will be. The world will heat and the world will cool. Long after man has destroyed himself, the earth will continue on as if man never existed in the first place. Still heating. Still cooling. Although, I suppose it’s easier to slap a label on this breathing process. It makes us all feel like we’re still in control somehow (don’t worry, we’re not). Like somehow we’re the ones responsible for the outcome of this planet that graciously and unintentionally allows us to live here, instead of being subjected to its mercy.

Every time there’s a hurricane – it’s labelled as a by-product of global warming. Every time there’s a blizzard – it’s climate change. And so on. It’s all cause and effect because that’s all man understands. He needs an explanation for everything. We’ve had some of the hottest days on record in recent years, but also some of the coldest. But people ignore whatever doesn’t support their own personal belief system. You can’t point to an area like Brazil and think it actually proves anything other than the fact that climate evolution currently exists. Don’t forget that the deserts were all once oceans.

What happens to an ice cube floating on top of a glass of water? Does it stay frozen for all eternity? Of course not. It melts. So then why would we expect the polar caps not to melt away into the crashing oceans? Is it Global Warming? Or just being Global? 

It’s Evolution, Baby! 

James Ryan
James Ryan


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