The Feedback has been Unanimous

James Ryan

Here’s what Dann Martin had to say about my book SOCIOPATRIOT when it first came out in May 2015:

“James Ryan’s book is excellently written and detailed and exposes [the founder of Light Up Yellow and MissMusing.com] for the mentally sick and morally void person that she is. James Ryan also shows due respect to the Cirillo family and those who fight for what is right and against the evil of the world.”

Now here’s what Dann Martin is saying about my book since I publicly denounced any support for him and his rogue on-line efforts, effective November 2015:

“The book Sociopatriot by James Ryan was created to expose [Light Up Yellow founder] and details her other victims. I do not advocate or recommend buying James’ book (it is no longer for sale) as if feel it was poorly written and inaccurate as well as exploited [Codename] Evelyn’s victims for profit. Much better and more detailed information can be found for free online and in the links provided below. James has betrayed and violated the trust of several of Evelyn’s victims for purposes of promoting his book.”

So, other than the obvious sour grapes, I guess I should address a few of his statements since that is obviously what Dann wants me to do…

1. I am a writer, therefore, I write for a living. The notion that it is wrong that I should make any money off of my work is absurd. But for the record, no money was made off of this project. I sold just enough paperback copies to cover my printing expenses, and I gave at least 100 copies away for free (mostly to media) – including to Dann Martin. And no, the media was not interested in this story. Neither were the military affiliates that I reached out to.

2. The feedback that I did receive was unanimous in that Dann Martin’s behaviour has been just as bad as Evelyn’s. Frankly, the only person who doesn’t see this or seem to understand, is Dann Martin himself. I like Dann – I certainly don’t dislike him, but his behaviour is what has hurt this mission (including book sales and media interest) the most. He claims his antics have been on purpose, to expose the Light Up Yellow founder for the brutal person that she is, but I just don’t believe him, and also, it hasn’t been working. I really think he can’t help himself.

3. IRONY ALERT!: “if feel it was poorly written.”

4. I wrote about a “secret group” in my book (I referred to them as the “Angels”) that was comprised mostly, but not exclusively of past victims. That group closed due to members being upset with Dann and his behaviour, but a new group was soon opened afterwards. I have not once betrayed any of the identities of these individuals (or the group name). The only betrayal that took place was when Dann started adding new members which made a few existing members uncomfortable, so they left. Dann’s attitude and behaviour towards their departure is what prompted me to leave as well. My observation was that Dann’s behaviour was becoming increasingly more alarming and desperate. That, and he felt a sense of entitlement when it came to sharing my book without my permission. To this day, Dann has still not apologized for violating my copyright or my trust/friendship.

5. Dann is correct in that the book is no longer for sale. I also removed all of my articles pertaining to Light Up Yellow and MissMusing.com. Dann’s involvement has now made my own involvement, impossible.

6. Over the last year, I have been called everything from a hero to a coward. In 2016, you will all see for yourselves what Mr. James Ryan is made of.

James Ryan
James Ryan


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