Now that You have shown Me your True Colours

James Ryan

So earlier today, in response to my previous message, I received a comment from a “Bria*** Chan*** Patter***” that stated: “You can knock off the insults anytime, the fight is with Brianne.”

Now, I don’t know who this message was from exactly (and they have since been banned from the Sociopatriot Facebook page), but I can take a few guesses…

1. It’s possible that it’s none other than [Codename] Evelyn Smoothwater. But then why would she use her own name to state that the fight was against herself, essentially pleading with me not to poke fun at the actions and behaviour of Mr. Martin? I’m going to say – no, this was not Evelyn.

2. The second option is that it could have been a supporter of Mr. Martin’s – Lord knows he has many. Last I counted (I removed myself from their “secret little group” a couple of months ago, as did others who also removed their support of Dann Martin specifically), it was somewhere in the neighbourhood of twenty. So sure, it’s possible that it was one of them (I know they all enjoy posting information via an anonymous identity) so it certainly fits their M.O.

3. But the most likely to be true? Is that it was Mr. Martin himself, ironically using a false identity of the very person that he has committed his entire life to “exposing.” As if his online actions have been any different than hers, sans his accusations that she committed charity fraud – something the police have not been able to prove.

When I started reporting on this story (months before Mr. Martin came riding in on his white horse to save the day), it was my goal to see that the Light Up Yellow Facebook page (previously known as the RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo page) was shut down for good as it was not set-up with good intentions, and after being used as an attack page, the Cirillo family demanded that it be taken down. Only it wasn’t. So, yes, my main goal was to see the page taken down, which it currently is. Success! For now…

What’s been really frustrating throughout all of this, is Mr. Martin’s incessant need to keep attacking Evelyn. I can’t tell you how many times the Light Up Yellow Facebook page has been voluntarily shut down this year, but it’s been a lot. Then, when certain individuals continue with their attacks on Ms. Smoothwater, making fun of her appearance and so on (very immature), it forces her to reopen the page so as to have a giant platform to be able to defend herself with. It’s a vicious and needless cycle that continues on and on and shows no sign of stopping because neither party knows when to walk away from the other. And that’s what’s been the most off-putting about this entire experience. Two insecure egomaniacs, competing with each other over who can out-bully the other. Pathetic.

Evelyn posts on her LUY page and nobody interacts with her. At this point, everyone (for the most part) seems to know who she is and what she’s all about (sounds pretty “exposed” to me). Mr. Martin, on the other hand, gets zero sympathy whenever Evelyn attacks him because the way people see it, he brings this misery onto himself. And they wouldn’t be wrong.

With so much going on in the world today – mass shootings, corrupt government officials, a one world agenda, and the all but certain happenings of a World War III in the Middle East (and possibly on our own home soil), I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that nobody gives a rat’s ass about the childish Internet feud between Dann Martin and Evelyn Smoothwater, because in contrast to the real problems of this world, it’s meaningless. And at this stage, that would be an understatement. So keep obsessing over each other – see how far that gets either of you in this life.

Oh and to the anonymous visitor… thanks for the suggestion, but I think I’ll just continue to say and do whatever I please. I will not be censored and my writing will not be controlled. I have always been an observer in this situation – not a participant. I am not on Evelyn’s side, but I am definitely not on Mr. Martin’s side either. Sure, it may have seemed that way at first, but my agenda has always been simple and clear – gain his trust in order to learn the truth.

Dann and I are definitely not buddies, despite what Evelyn may think, and perhaps that is what has Dann the most butthurt. But Dann, let me ask you a couple of questions: Do you remember when you asked me where I worked and I didn’t answer you? Or do you remember when I mailed you those two copies of my book but didn’t put down my return address on the envelope? Probably not, but in case you needed reminding – I have never fully trusted you because I never believed your initial story on how you and Evelyn first encountered each other (I have the audio recordings if you’d like to hear them). Just too many holes. And now that you have shown me your true colours (what was it you called me? A traitor? A coward?), I now know that I made the right decision in not trusting you.

And just to clear the air a bit more, let me be frank: Dann Martin does NOT have my permission to share my book SOCIOPATRIOT with ANYONE, and should he decide to do so, he will be in direct violation of my copyright as both a writer and an artist. The book is no longer for sale on-line, and the original articles about Evelyn have all been removed off of my blog. That’s the bad news. The good news? Well… you’ll just have to wait for the good news. I’m not big on announcements. It gives your enemies too much time to prepare their defenses.

Have a good night everyone.

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James Ryan
James Ryan


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