I’m sure It’s all just a Coincidence

James Ryan

“Due to a business opportunity I have been offered (and accepted), it is with sadness that I am announcing the end of Light Up Yellow. Yes, on a few occasions Light Up Yellow has ‘closed’ temporarily in the past, but this time it is for good.”

Oddly, this announcement has been made multiple times throughout the past year – usually when criticism starts mounting, lies get exposed, and its founder cracks under the pressure of immense member backlash. The reason those closures were only temporary is because the founder of Light Up Yellow kept promising to close the page, but never kept her promise. It was just a game. It still is.

“While I would love nothing more than to continue to contribute to this community, I unfortunately will not have the time to do so as my hands will be quite full. It would be nearly impossible for me to man a community of 180K+ and work a real-life, offline job at the same time.”

Wait a second? What about her team of admins that she’s always bragging about? Or her team of writers on MissMusing.com? Why is it they can never moderate her pages/websites in her absence? [Answer: Because they don't exist] Plus, why would she willingly give up an audience of 188,000 (originally 225,000 – now down 37,000 and sliding fast) after she has defiantly fought so hard to keep the page up and has the power to turn it into any brand that she wishes (why she never made it her MissMusing page I’ll never know). Or maybe that’s her next step? If she didn’t close the page last year after the Cirillo family supposedly demanded that she close it – only to hijack the page under a false pretense and a different name, then what’s to stop her from doing it again? Nothing.

It also seems like very odd timing considering it was only a few days ago that she declared the exact opposite.

December 8, 2015:

“As the Founder of the Light Up Yellow campaign, I, too, have been hit with heavy scrutiny and un-verified, unwarranted, unproven and unfounded claims by an individual accusing me of everything from identity theft to fraud.”

Unverified? No, very much verified.
Unwarranted? No, this woman deserves every criticism she gets. She steamrolls over people with little-to-no regard for the truth.
Unproven? Wrong again actually. It’s all been proven. I should know. I wrote a whole book about it.
Unfounded? Please. You have a massive history that follows you everywhere you go. All anyone needs to do is Google your name. I challenge them to find something positive written about you.
And YES, she is one hundred percent guilty of identity theft and fraud. One. Hundred. Percent. Proven.

“I dedicated my whole life to this campaign, to trying to help others, and this individual has done nothing but target, harass and cyber-bully me, threatening that he ‘won’t go away’ until *I* go away…which isn’t going to happen.”

Actually, the Light Up Yellow founder dedicated about a year of her life to bullying anyone who challenged her on the legitimacy of this page. She used it to promote her bully blog MissMusing, and ironically writes about the Light Up Yellow campaign on her blog as if they are two separate entities – acting as her own personal public relations department to help cover her trail of lies and her ongoing scam. The reason she has been “targeted” is not because she is an innocent victim, but because her long list of victims have all banded together in an effort to expose this woman before she does something stupid, like push someone to the brink of suicide – all in the name of what originally started off as a page set to commemorate the life of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. She is a cyber-bully of the worst kind who would have you believe that she is the victim of one person – Dann Martin. This is absolutely not true.

“I will never stop my campaign, and I will never stop trying to help people, because giving back to my community is something that’s very important to me and a few loose cannons on the internet, try as they might, will not ruin that for me.”

And yet, here we are, four days later with another bogus announcement that her page is closing forever. Wow, that was fast. What on earth could have prompted such a drastic change in convictions? Why such a one-eighty? Such an honest, giving, helping, caring person. Doing so much to give back to her community. What a Saint. What a loss. What a crock of shit.

Yesterday, an article was released accusing Dann Martin of being in cahoots with the founder of Light Up Yellow. Now today, she is announcing the closure of her page and she has subsequently removed ALL of the slanderous articles that were written about him on her blog??

I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

James Ryan
James Ryan


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