Light Up Yellow on Facebook Loses Support of 30,000 Members

James Ryan

There’s a mutiny happening over at Light Up Yellow and it’s happening FAST!! What once started off as a page to memorialize the life and death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, has now turned into a circus sideshow thanks whole-heartedly to its founder and well-known cyber-bully, Brianne Chantal Patterson.

It all started back in October 2014, after Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was gunned down at the National War Monument in Ottawa, Canada. Within an hour of this national tragedy, Brianne created multiple social media and fundraising accounts on “behalf” of the Cirillo family. Her one page even managed to gain over 225,000 members, but it was at that point that Brianne began to severely change the focus of the page.

Amid constant controversy and harassment, the Cirillo family eventually demanded that Brianne delete the page, which instead of being used to remember a fallen soldier, was being used as an attack page and to promote her celebrity gossip bully blog WhatTheEff(dot)ca. As a result of mounting public pressure, the page was eventually shut down, however, instead of deleting the page completely as per the family’s request, Brianne simply changed the name to the Light Up Yellow Campaign, thus hijacking an audience of close to a quarter-million members. The page is now down over 30,000 members since the start, which indicates that people are slowly but surely starting to wake-up to Brianne’s bizarre and highly illegal on-line antics.

UPDATE: The page has been down for the past week after Brianne experienced severe backlash over her slanderous articles attacking the family of Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette (the family told Brianne that they did not want her running memorial pages on their behalf and she has been on the attack ever since), but after only being up for less than a day, the page is already down another 1,000 members.

Brianne also has a habit of deleting any negative comments from the page and blocking any members who don’t agree with her lies, particularly with reference to her articles on MissMusing(dot)ca (her other bully blog), but I managed to copy/paste several comments that I think best describe the mindset of the remaining members. Clearly, people are sick of Brianne’s nonsense.

ARTICLE #1: Cheyenne Dunbar Caught Lying, Says She Hasn’t Been on Social Media or Given Any Interviews (96 likes, 173 shares) “As everyone knows by now, the Dunbar family has been out in full force on social media doing everything in their power to stop individuals from memorializing…”

Comment #1: This article sucks! References to Finding Nemo….must be written by a child. (11 likes)

Comment #2: What was the point in sharing this Miss Musing article? Slander a woman who lost her child in a most horrific way? Does anyone have anything more than inference and supposition to offer? The police will do their job and get to the bottom of it, in the meantime perhaps we could err on the side of compassion and maybe have a little room for a young twenty-something mother who just went through probably the worst thing a parent can ever go through to say some “wrong” things. What do you expect her to act with your version of dignity and grace in her grief? Grief is messy, there are no rules with how someone deals with it. (56 likes)

Comment #3: It’s called shock!!! Leave her alone.


Comment #5: This is not an article but an opinion piece and I find it very odd that you seem to play the police. I’m leaving this page.

Comment #6: Take this down.

Comment #7: I am also leaving this page. I have no idea why you are so adamant on badgering this family. Let them grieve. Leave the investigation to the police.

Comment #8: What is the purpose of this site exactly? Harassment is never ok even on social media. Let the family grieve. Let the police do their job. What gives you the right to disseminate such a useless article? Last straw. Leaving this site. It used to be used for good. Shame on you. (9 likes)

Comment #9: Is this page to memorialize a little girl, or to criminalize her mother? I don’t get it. Whoever runs this page seems very angry and bitter. If you want to turn this page into one that points blame and posts angry articles at parents, please change the name. Otherwise let the authorities do their job and you do yours. (11 likes)

Comment #10: You are absolutely the worst breed of Internet troll. The woman’s child was murdered, and you nit-pick her actions. Unfollowing.

Comment #11: This is a completely inappropriate piece to share on this page. Shame on the admins for using this page as a platform for sharing your opinions and “detective work.” It is absolutely disgusting to create a page like this and use it to share your judgmental interpretations of every move this grieving mother makes. Let the police do their job. Share your opinions elsewhere. This is not the place. I will not be following this page any longer out of respect for the victims lost and their families.

Comment #12: Garbage, lesson learned to pay closer attention before liking a page/site. MissMusing is a garbage blog, unliked and good riddance!

Comment #13: Done with this site!!

Comment #14: Yep, this is disgusting. Get a new job, wannabe detective. Idk why this excuse for journalism was on my page, blocking it now.

Comment #15: This is a ridiculous article!!! I’m sorry but I’m no longer interested in this Facebook page. You’re passing judgement on a woman whom we know very little about. If she is involved, the POLICE will find out. Not you. Not Facebook. Not Internet surfers.

Comment #16: Disgusting. Respect the family’s wishes. I wasn’t following but stopped to read the post. Shame on you. Piggy backing on other’s misfortune and tragedy.

Comment #17: I think it’s time people let this poor little girl and her father rest in peace and let the police so their job! Light it up yellow was a great campaign but now it’s filled with making this families life even harder then it already is. I have my own beliefs but I keep them to myself. Enough already.

Comment #18: It appears to me that everyone is looking for someone to blame… And because the way the Dunbar dealt with the death differs from others… they’re being trashed. Sorry but if my kid was murdered… as a young mom… I’d remember that every day of my life… I don’t need it plastered on everything/everywhere I go representing some sort of charity…or period. And if I wanted to grieve without being bothered, I’d make a statement while I’m still in shock because God knows I’ll be a basket case for years….why not get it out of the way before the shock wears off and the grief sets in. People like you have made this a battle instead of a memorial. No wonder the girl can’t grieve properly, you’ve put her on the constant defense. Maybe Cheyenne is going to use all of this cyber bullying as an example.

Comment #19: Hey Light Up Yellow Campaign: For someone who posted on Sept. 12 a picture stating “It’s funny how the people who know the least about you have the most to say”….. I am stunned by the direction your site is taking. Leave the family alone. MissMusings isn’t providing anything remotely helpful to the public. Time to cut them loose if you want to keep followers. I’m Unfollowing. Good luck to you.

Comment #20: This page is ridiculous and I am not liking it anymore. Leave these people alone. Whoever wrote this article is an awful person.

Comment #21: Irresponsible piece – reprehensible journalism.

Comment #22: This page has turned into a drama-fueled joke. Stop feeding the drama and go back to being a page used for support.

Comment #23: This makes me sick. Leave her alone!

Comment #24: This is unbelievable on so many levels. Number one: what does it matter if she’s contacting media? She probably wants her version of the story to be out there like anyone would if you had all of Canada (me included) pointing fingers at you. Number two: if the families don’t want vigils and names and stuff being posted that’s their business and everyone should respect that fact when these people just had the worst of the worst happen to them and probably are just tying to get some sort of life back. Unfortunately this girl is young and it very well shows in her actions and interviews. The whole world wants answers but the only people that have the answers to what exactly happened are the ones who did it. And sad as it is, Terry Blanchette. My heart breaks for everyone involved and this article is not helping anyone.

Comment #25: This has now turned into a personal attack, leave her be……GET A LIFE!

Comment #26: Though I do believe things are fishy here and the mother is acting “off” she JUST LOST HER CHILD!!!! Leave it to the police to decide IF she is in the wrong!!! It is deplorable and sick to write anything like this at this horrific time!!! Leave her alone until you have confirmed reason not too!!!

Comment #27: This page now has its own agenda completely. This article is horrible and proves nothing. Whom ever wrote this should be ashamed!

Comment #28: It’s disgusting how people are hiding behind their “opinion” as a way to justify their personal prosecution of this woman and her family. Leave the investigation to the police. This article is does no one any good. It’s cyber-bullying. It’s cruel. And even if your hunch is right it does nothing to help put anyone responsible for this awful tragedy in jail. It’s not respectful to the victims of this crime to post things like this.

Comment #29: I’ve had enough of these posts. This is not what I signed up for and I’m un-liking this page.

Comment #30: Why is there always so much drama on here? I joined this page when Nathan Cirillo was killed, SOO much attention seeking drama surrounding that and now this? Why start memorial pages to seek attention for yourself?? Leave these families alone!

Comment #31: It’s no wonder the Dunbar’s do not want people like this holding vigils! At the same god damn time you’re smearing the child’s mother!! Get a damn clue and stop this shit. It’s disgusting and there is absolutely nothing coming of you judgmental loons attacking Hailey’s momma! It’s seems to me you are the sick fuck that needs attention.

Comment #32: Why is this even a story? Leave the poor woman alone and let her mourn the senseless death of her baby girl. We are no one to judge her or ridicule her for her actions! None of us know how we would react if we lost a child and everyone is entitled to go through their own mourning process without judgement from people who have no idea who you are. Go take care of your children and families and leave this poor young mom alone!!

Comment #33: You people are sick! How is a mother supposed to act normal after she Just lost her daughter and someone she used to love so deeply she had a child?! I can’t even imagine going through a loss like that! And here you all are playing detective. Why don’t you stick to your day jobs and let the actual detectives handle this case? Pretty sure if she was involved the scum in custody would have ratted her out by now. Unfollowing this page. I want nothing to do with this shit.

Conclusion: So here’s the deal, folks. Brianne really doesn’t care if you stay or if you go. It’s all about the traffic to her blog and the controversy she can spin. Even if she eventually lost ninety-percent of her initial followers, she’d still end up with over 20,000 loyal followers that she didn’t have before Nathan Cirillo got killed. And it doesn’t stop there. Brianne literally attaches herself to every national tragedy. She starts memorial pages, and whenever possible, fundraising efforts. She starts pages for all of them and then uses those pages to promote her bully-blogs and her lies. The end result is that she gets more attention and more followers – even if the vast majority are waking up to her game.

Bottom line: She’s winning. It’s just a shame she continues to get away with constantly exploiting tragedies and attacking the families of victims. It’s never-ending actually. And sadly, the loss of 30,000 members is nothing more than an irrelevant drop in the bucket.

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James Ryan
James Ryan

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  1. James Ryan

    Fan Mail
    “Thanks to you, I’ve discovered the truth about Brianne. I’ve had to go completely underground with a new profile because of run ins with her. Keep fighting the good fight. I wish I knew how to stop her!
    And… Ironically it was because of a post about you by her in Hailey’s memorial group that I found you and found out the truth! She outed herself! I did some digging and revealed SO many profiles that were actually her, I couldn’t believe it.
    She made a post saying something like, ‘This guy is writing a book to profit off of the murder’…but I found that so crazy because the murders had just happened, that it led me to check out your Twitter @sociopatriot and found out the truth. This girl is sick.” – Anonymous

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