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Light Up Yellow Founder and Pornographer Brianne Patterson Caught Harassing Family Members of Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette

James Ryan

I have always firmly believed that you should never underestimate a person who has nothing to lose.

It’s no secret that at this point, Brianne Chantal Patterson, a known cyber-stalker (please Google her name) and “founder” of Light Up Yellow and MissMusing(dot)ca, has been lighting up the Internet as of late with her reckless and inflammatory behaviour. But in case you’re completely unaware of what’s been happening, here’s the basic low-down:

  1. Prior to 2014, Brianne had engaged in multiple instances of harassing and fraudulent behaviour on the Internet and has a known history of creating fake memorial pages on social media in an attempt to either gain financially, or by way of popularity (website traffic).
  1. In October 2014, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was gunned down at the National War Monument in Ottawa. Within an hour of this national tragedy, Brianne created multiple social media and fundraising accounts on “behalf” of the Cirillo family. Her one page even managed to gain as many as 225,000 members. This was when I and many others first caught onto her scam and began reporting the issue to the proper authorities.

Visit: UPDATE: Brianne Patterson LIED, Did NOT Step Back from the Rest In Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook Page, now HIJACKED as #LightUpYellow despite its ongoing and childish harassment of former soldier Dann Martin

  1. The Cirillo family eventually demanded that Brianne delete the page, which instead of being used to remember a fallen soldier, was being used as an attack page and to promote her celebrity gossip bully blog WhatTheEff(dot)ca. As a result of mounting public pressure, the page was eventually shut down, but instead of deleting the page completely as per the family’s request, Brianne simply changed the name to the Light Up Yellow Campaign, thus hijacking an audience of close to a quarter-million members. The page is now down over 30,000 members since the start, which indicates that people are slowly but surely starting to wake-up to Brianne’s insanely bizarre web of lies. Also, several of her on-line bullying victims have now gone to the police and as a result, criminal charges are currently pending.

Visit: Light Up Yellow Founder Brianne Patterson Recklessly Accuses Calgary Native Dann Martin of Being a Potential Murderer

  1. Here’s a screenshot that proves that Brianne owns the Twitter account @lightupyellowCA (WARNING: This account is now being used as a self-attack page (she will deny any involvement) and contains extremely graphic pornographic material. Considering Brianne has slandered and harassed her former psychiatrist (according to her, she attempted suicide a few years back and was then sexually harassed by the doctor, who btw had recently been cleared of any wrong-doing), operating a porn account seems like a pretty sick joke (even for Brianne) and a real slap in the face to actual victims of sexual assault.

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  1. In May of this year, I self-published my second book Sociopatriot, which now serves as an important historical timeline of events surrounding Brianne’s exploitation of the death of Nathan Cirillo and contains several revealing interviews with many of her past cyber-bullying victims. In an act of desperation (clearly Brianne doesn’t want anyone to read this book), Brianne has made up several lies about the content of the book and my motives for writing it. The reality is that she is afraid (all bullies are cowards) that people will find out the truth, and one way or another, they will.


  1. This past month (September 2015), a young girl by the name of Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette and her father Terry Blanchette out of Alberta, Canada were murdered in yet another national tragedy. Despite her many claims to the contrary (deny, deny, deny), it has now been PROVEN that Brianne Patterson was absolutely responsible for the creation of several memorial pages on social media – exploiting Hailey’s name in the exact same way that she had exploited Nathan Cirillo’s name. Hailey’s grandfather however, Kevin Dunbar, found out about Brianne’s activities and immediately demanded that she close the sites. In a shocking twist, Brianne has REFUSED! Not only that, but she has been on a rampage, spreading dangerous lies and mass confusion on any page that the family actually endorses. Brianne’s defamatory actions have now put Kevin, his daughter Cheyenne (Hailey’s mom), and many others (including a woman named Chelsea Nicole) in SERIOUS danger. So now, instead of being able to mourn the death of his granddaughter, Kevin must fight a deeply disturbed woman who is hell-bent on making his life completely miserable. It’s a troubling situation to say the least.

Visit: Sociopatriot FREE Preview: Chapter 6 – Mobthink

  1. Both myself and Kevin have received “Open Letters” from Brianne this past week, which were published on her website MissMusing(dot)ca. I will post the letters in the comment section below so that none of you will have to visit her blog (she tracks IP addresses). Plus, I know how she loves her copyright complaints. With regards to my letter only, I must admit, I didn’t even bother to read it until about a week after she published it. In a year’s worth of investigation, I have not once encountered a situation where Brianne was telling even an ounce of truth, so I knew it must have been ridiculous, but after reading it, I have to admit, it was beyond anything that I could have ever suspected. It’s like she wrote her own biography and accused me of living the life that she has now created for herself. This is another one of Brianne’s tactics – whatever she does to other people, or whatever they say about her, she flips the script and accuses others of the exact same thing in an attempt to confuse her readers even further. But I think the only person who is confused here, is her. This time, her pathetic attempt at perception manipulation is not going to save her.

Oh, and here’s a bit about me in case any of you are wondering: I’m 45-year old man, married with two grown kids and two grandkids. I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. I have been involved in martial arts training since the age of 10. I had previously worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I had previously worked in the hospitality service industry for over 20 years. I was a Project Officer, Pre-Apprenticeship Program Coordinator and Customer Relations Instructor at Niagara College Canada for over 6 years. I am a former volunteer youth football coach (7 years) and the Media Coordinator for the Ontario Football Conference (OFC) and the Hamilton Hurricanes. I have been writing and blogging since 2009. I have been published with over 40 different on-line and print publications, and I have written two non-fiction books: Desolate Warrior and Sociopatriot. I am also a former Physical Activity Advisor for the Regional Municipality of Niagara, and a life-time volunteer in my community. Currently, I am an avid outdoorsman who enjoys kayaking, hiking, wilderness camping and adventure blogging. I’m also working on several new publications and I do custom woodworking on the side. I guess you could say, I’m a bit of a Renaissance man.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to direct message me on Twitter at  @sociopatriot.

Thank you.


James Ryan
James Ryan



  1. James Ryan

    An Open Letter to ‘Sociopatriot’ Author James Ryan
    Posted September 18, 2015 by The Miss Musing Team under Books, Canada, Opinion, Social Media

    Dear James,
    I get it. You need the attention. You crave attention. You want to be needed. You yearn for admiration from others. It’s why you’re lying about people and latching onto a national tragedy (Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette) to have your voice heard. Maybe you can’t control it. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t actually do it out of sheer enjoyment or because you believe the things you’re saying. The lies which you concoct are concocted for anyone with ears. They’re for anyone who’s willing to listen.
    Maybe something happened to you as a child. Perhaps you weren’t given the kind of love and attention you thought that you deserved. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe you had all the love and attention in the world that you took it for granted and you felt invincible.
    James Ryan
    James Ryan
    You’re a magician putting on a show and you’re a master of your craft. Your readers are your temporary friends. They buy front-row tickets to your show and they buy into something that they believe to be real. But just like a naïve child, they’re taken for a ride, and they are in complete awe of the display presented before them. At first it’s all very innocent. You’re simply flipping a coin or making a bouquet of flowers appear from your sleeve. But as the show goes on, your audience starts to gain wisdom into your ways. Maybe it was the tone in which you told one of your stories. Maybe it was a hole in your story that just didn’t add up. Then, finally, they see it. It finally makes sense and all of a sudden that facade that you’ve tried oh so hard to keep up gets lost, and as the show ends and your customers leave, they come to an important realization. They now know you for exactly what you are: A fraud.
    You might still think you’re invincible, you might still think you’re telling the truth, but know this: Right here, right now, in this very moment, YOU. ARE. NOTHING. You serve as nothing more than temporary entertainment for the internet and refuge for the people who’ve never seen your act before. You’ll go from person to person, tragedy to tragedy, social media platform to social media platform, looking for anyone who will listen to the lies you spew, the stories you tell, and give you the attention that you’re so desperately and pathetically seeking. I don’t even think you’re happy, deep down, and I don’t even think you’ll ever find true happiness. You’re miserable, and the only thing you will find is your continued desperation to sell tickets to your show.
    At first you tell lies for superficial gain, but soon enough the lie turns into lies, and you’re no longer telling a story just for the sake of telling a story. You’re telling stories – multiple stories – to preserve yourself and preserve something that you took for granted in life, and for a compulsive liar like you, there’s absolutely no hope. There’s nothing for you to cling to except to the belief that the world in which you’ve created for yourself is all you need.
    It must be a lonely life, having to lie all the time and attempting to drag others down and make yourself feel better. I just hope when everything does come crashing down on you (which, mark my words, it all will), you don’t expect pity. People don’t waste pity on those who take for granted even the most basic things in life, such as friendship and integrity – another thing you know absolutely nothing about. But don’t worry. If you want a show and you want attention, attention is what you will get – because I have so much more in store for you. I know more than you think I know. In fact, I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

  2. James Ryan

    An Open Letter to Kevin Dunbar
    Posted September 25, 2015 by Brianne under Canada, Crime, Opinion, Social Media

    Mr. Dunbar,
    Like thousands of Canadians around the world, I was completely heartbroken when it was announced that your granddaughter Hailey’s remains had been found. It was an incredibly sad outcome and I’m sure you want answers as to how or why it happened. Unfortunately, until Derek Saretzky stands trial, no one will know the truth about what happened to your granddaughter. Only Derek Saretzky knows the full truth. However, there are certain truths that can’t be denied…
    For the past week and a half I have watched you – I’ve watched you on media outlets, I’ve watched you on Facebook, and the way in which you’ve presented yourself to the “world” thus far has been, in my opinion, reprehensible to say the least. You’ve attacked Terry Blanchette – the father of your sweet grand baby – who, tragically, was also murdered. Did it ever occur to you that Terry has a family? Did it ever occur to you that your comments towards Terry (calling him a “scumbag” in your interview with Global Edmonton, for example) might upset his family? Granted, I can’t speak for his family, but your blatant lack of respect was disgraceful, not only to Terry’s memory, but to all of Canada. How dare you. You’ve also attacked me, accusing me of running a memorial page for Hailey when that just isn’t the case. The closest I’ve come to any memorial page for your granddaughter is commenting on them…so why you chose to attack and slander me online, I’ll never understand. Rumour mill isn’t fact and you shouldn’t believe everything you hear/read or everything another person tells you. There’s two sides to every story. Three sides, actually. “Yours, mine and the truth.” I think that’s how the saying goes. After all, haven’t you been begging the world to consider Cheyenne’s side of things and to believe her when she says she had nothing to do with Hailey’s disappearance and subsequent murder? How can you expect anyone to give your family the benefit of the doubt when you don’t have that same respect for others? Speaking of which, Cheyenne has been acting more like an angry teenager than she has a grieving mother. I find it extremely troublesome that, rather than appropriately grieving the loss of her daughter, she’s busy picking fights with people on social media. As are you. Not to mention you seem more concerned about winning a brand new Nissan Skyline. People will attack and disect every single thing you, your daughter and the rest of your family says/does – that’s just the way the world wide web works – especially in high-profile cases such as this. If you two don’t like that then you need to avoid it for the time being, because I can guarantee you that, as long as the internet exists, so will opinions.
    Another thing I find concerning is how you’ve become bosom buddies with a woman who just days prior to you adding her on Facebook, was saying the most disgraceful things about your daughter. “She apologized,” you say. Yeah, so? What’s your point? You don’t know that girl from Adam. She is a complete stranger to you. You know nothing about her whatsoever. She’s obsessed with your granddaughter. She wormed her way into your family’s life and you fell for her tricks hook, line and sinker. You might not see it, but everyone else does. Unfortunately right now you’re too blinded by your grief to even think straight. Which I get. And you know how I get it? Because I’ve been there. I don’t know if you know this, but I lost several people close to me in a short time-span. My best friend was murdered, my cousin committed suicide, and another friend was killed in a hit-and-run by a drunk driver, all within three years of each other. So I understand exactly what you’re going through. I know grief. I also know that everyone handles it differently. Some people put up a wall, some cry, some find talking helps. But grief isn’t an excuse to behave poorly. It’s not a license to hurt others. It isn’t an excuse to dredge up the most terrible things you can think of to fling at someone, especially when the people you’re flinging things at have been nothing but supportive towards you and your family. People put together memorial pages in effort to bless Hailey’s life with something meaningful and worthwhile, and that’s how you say thanks? You are the most disgusting and selfish person I have ever come across.
    I’m not trying to be heartless, but you need to try being grateful rather than having such an inordinate sense of superiority. Be thankful that the world seems to love Hailey as much as you do, because in this day and age that kind of love is a rare thing to come across when there’s as much hate in the world as there is these days.
    Lastly, I say this. There’s nothing worse than the pain of losing a loved one and I feel terrible for your loss. No one should have to experience what you’re going through. I just hope that one day in the future your family is able to find peace and joy to honour the memory of Hailey-Lynn Elizabeth Dennise Dunbar-Blanchette.

  3. James Ryan

    This is a message from Kevin Dunbar, Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette’s grandfather.

    “I’m Kevin Dunbar – Hailey’s grandpa and I am here to tell you all I appreciate those running memorial pages for Hailey but there is one woman by the name of Brianne Patterson and she has been exploiting my Hailey and I am sick of it. This woman is sick and disturbed. She opens memorial pages when there are high profile murder cases in Canada. She’s done it to Officer Nathan Cirillo and Amanda Todd. She uses these pages to create more traffic to her blog. She then tracks your IP address when you go onto her website and sells your email addresses!! The Light Up Yellow Campaign is one of her main pages to get more followers. She has too many fake Facebook accounts to keep track of. The ones we know of are Manda Gwen, Cupcakes by Cheri, Judy Sure and Bri Ann. The original page set up in memory of Hailey was ran by Brianne. She is a cyber-stalker and bully and needs to be stopped before she hurts someone. She is stalking my family and spreading lies and hate through her various Facebook accounts. She is harassing a friend Chelsea Nicole to no end. Please know everything she has said is untrue. Brianne Patterson needs mental help. This is very serious. I’m writing this to warn the public and put the speculations that she’s been spreading to an end. I do appreciate that you all go to these pages, but please stop engaging with this person. She is exploiting Hailey. She is dirtying the memory of Hailey and attaching that sweet child’s name to drama and hate. Please… I am asking the public to help stop her and share this message. Let the truth be heard. The family will be opening a real page for Hailey very soon. The only other groups to be trusted at this time are Love For Hailey, Hailey Remembered and Missing Child Case Lets Bring Hailey Home Safe. There will always be nasty people out there but this is a baby, my grandbaby, and I miss her and just want everyone to stop the negative and stop believing everything you hear. Again, thank you all. Lets surround Hailey with all your love.”

  4. James Ryan

    And here is a message written by Brianne on her bully blog, MissMusing(dot)ca less than a day after I wrote and published this article.

    Self-Proclaimed Author James Ryan Accused of Pedophilia

    Posted September 26, 2015 by The Miss Musing Team under Canada, Crime, Social Media

    Self-proclaimed author turned internet stalker and cyber harasser James Ryan, we have learned, was accused of pedophilia.

    Ryan, who has been stalking and spreading lies about the founders of the Light Up Yellow Campaign for the past 10 months, including accusing them of running pornographic accounts (something that has never been proven, by the way – seems like he’s projecting his own antics onto others – and maybe, just maybe, it is Ryan himself who runs said pornographic accounts), is said to have had “inappropriate involvement” with minor children dating back 8 years ago. While allegations against Ryan were never proven, out of an abundance of caution he is only allowed supervised visits with his grandchildren.

    Ryan also found himself in hot water for publishing and attempting to profit from an e-book using the name and image of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.

    We’ve been provided a treasure trove of information on Ryan in the past week, so this won’t be our first exposé on this Canadian creep, and it certainly won’t be our last. Stay tuned!

  5. James Ryan

    What’s really interesting about Brianne’s pedophilia claims (other than being ridiculously untrue) is that this isn’t the first time that Brianne has publicly and falsely accused someone of being a child molester. In fact, she had previously accused Holly Briley (and her husband) as well as Dann Martin of being pedophiles. Both of these individuals are well-known victims of Brianne’s that I interviewed in my new book, Sociopatriot.

    What’s different this time, is that in previous instances, Brianne always posted these slanderous claims on third party websites (such as under an unknown alias that couldn’t be tracked directly back to her.

    This time however, she stupidly put this information up on her own blog, MissMusing(dot)ca. Not only does this confirm EVERYTHING that I have written about her in my book as being 100% true, but I now have everything that I need to pursue legal action against Ms. Patterson. Like SHE said…stay tuned!

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