Light Up Yellow Campaign Caught Promoting Acts of Violence on Facebook

James Ryan

The Light Up Yellow Campaign has never been anything more than an attack page, designed to spread hatred towards others – under the guise of being something more positive, but sadly, it’s just one big lie after another.

Yesterday, the founder of the LIY campaign, who you can read all about in the posts below, added a 35-second out-of-context video clip of Dann Martin from back in February, claiming to be afraid for her life. The same man who the admin claimed to be her one-time boyfriend (lie) and says that he threatened to rape and kill her (more lies). The effect of this emotional manipulation is that some people, albeit not very many, believe that what she’s saying is the truth. It’s not.

If you are one of the few members on that page who engaged in making personal threats of violence towards Dann Martin (tough talking keyboard warriors for sure) then I have some bad news for you . . .

The Light Up Yellow Campaign started off as the RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo memorial page. You would have initially joined out of respect for a fallen soldier so that you can now follow the lead of a sociopath by attacking a former soldier. Do you see the irony yet? Dumb shits!!

In any event, the post has now been removed (thank you Facebook), and without naming names, all I can say is, you should all be ashamed of your own stupidity. Cheers!


James Ryan
James Ryan

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  1. James Ryan

    UPDATE: Brianne Patterson LIED, Did NOT Step Back from the Rest In Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook Page, now HIJACKED as #LightUpYellow despite its ongoing and childish harassment of former soldier Dann Martin


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