UPDATE: Brianne Patterson LIED, Did NOT Step Back from the Rest In Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook Page, now HIJACKED as #LightUpYellow despite its ongoing and childish harassment of former soldier Dann Martin

James Ryan

The Rest in Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page was NEVER permanently closed. The admin Brianne Patterson went against the Cirillo family’s wishes and simply changed the name of the page to the Light Up Yellow Campaign, essentially hijacking over 225,000 brand new members (now at 196,000 and falling fast).

Both leading up to and since the time of the hostile takeover, Light Up Yellow has been many things. At first, it attempted to exploit dead military and their families by encouraging people to shine a bright yellow light on a building or a major structure (Peace Bridge for example) in November of every year. Then it attempted to raise funds for the Cirillo family directly until Dann Martin eventually exposed this questionable attempt at fundraising. The option to donate was then removed off of the Light Up Yellow website and Brianne has been unrelenting towards Dann ever since in her twisted revenge.

A couple of months ago, Light Up Yellow suddenly decided to change its focus towards mental illness instead, thus abandoning any ambition to profit off of the backs of the Canadian military – a group btw that has done NOTHING up until now to help expose or stop this woman. Then, after competing directly with the fundraising efforts of the Light Up Purple Campaign (mental illness) which was started up by Carol Todd (Amanda Todd’s mother), Light Up Yellow changed again to support (and exploit) Gay and Transgender Rights, just like she did with mental illness, just like she did with Nathan Cirillo, and now just like she’s doing with some “Positive Person” contest and “promoting positivity and awareness surrounding many different issues.”

She claims to be very proud of her 190,000 members, as if in some way, she believes she earned them through honest efforts.

Now she’s attempting to SHAME the Toronto Police over a transgender issue, all the while, conveniently directing traffic back to her celebrity attack blog

And lastly, she is all over Twitter . . . Check out @briadoublenne @lightupyellowca (warning! Pornographic content), and @PeopleofCanada. This woman is clearly sick in the head, but at least her name isn’t attached to Nathan’s any longer. In this regard, she is a pathetic failure.

Not that Nathan’s family seems to give a rat’s ass anyway considering how quiet they’ve been through all of this nonsense. Good people (former soldiers, wives of soldiers, etc.) have been publicly attacked and humiliated (lied about) all over the Internet, all because they stood up for Nathan and what he represented, just as he would have sacrificed for our country. But instead of thanking guys like Dann Martin, most choose to judge him based on his overweight appearance and stumbling articulation.

And sorry, again . . . where’s Nathan’s family in all of this? Why aren’t they at least speaking to Dann directly or getting involved in some other way to show their support?

The police are taking forever. The Cirillo family is ignoring what’s happening. The court system doesn’t work for this sort of thing. Politicians don’t give a fuck. And the mainstream media are a bunch of chicken shits. As usual.

Anyway, that’s all for now. If you think you’re brave enough to get through the first couple chapters, you can buy my new book SOCIOPATRIOT at

James Ryan
James Ryan



  1. James Ryan

    One week after I posted this update, Brianne Patterson announced that she would be closing the R.I.P. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page for good – another monumental lie.

    “This is a very bittersweet post for me to make, because it will be the last post made for Light Up Yellow. This wasn’t a decision that I made lightly or quickly, but one that had to be made nonetheless.
    As some of you may be aware, I haven’t been in the greatest of health, and unfortunately things have taken a bit of a turn for the worst in recent weeks. For the past 9 months (an incredible 9 months full of ups, downs and everything in between) I’ve put my health on the back burner just to be able to focus solely on this campaign and its efforts, but these new developments have forced me to re-evaluate my priorities and cut back in a way that leave me unable to give this campaign the amount of effort and attention that I want to give it. [Additionally, any Facebook page as large as this continually draws attention to the negative visitors to its page - few though they may be, it was starting to get to me, and I am looking forward to being blissfully ignorant to all of the trolls and spammers, with a new appreciation for anyone administering a large Facebook page who has to take on individuals such as the one's we've had to take on here - ones who continue to target us to this very day.] Light Up Yellow was my baby. We accomplished a lot in 273 days, but I simply cannot continue running the campaign in the ways I want to run it with my health in the current state it is in. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this campaign, whether it be on a small or large scale. There are not enough words I can use to thank you for all the support you have shown me. It has been a sweet ride and I feel privileged to have connected with all of you.” – Brianne Patterson (July 28, 2015)

    One week later, it’s back up again, this time, attacking Dann Martin in order to gain sympathy from her remaining 195,000 followers (down 30,000 since last Fall):

    “PSA: If I wind up dead in a ditch somewhere, please make sure authorities are made aware of this man [Dann Martin]. He has become unrelenting in his attacks.”

    With this remark, Brianne also included a short 35-second out-of-context video clip dating back to February of this year when Dann Martin was speaking out about how criminals are handled in certain foreign countries, and how they would likely handle Brianne in contrast to the fact that our own Canadian policing forces have done absolutely nothing to stop her or hold her accountable for her flagrant lies and misconduct. Having watched the full video myself, I can tell you that Mr. Martin NEVER threatened violence against Brianne, despite her ongoing claims to the contrary.

    It’s all a lie, folks! That’s all Brianne knows how to do. Just ask her former psychiatrist, Dr. Jerome Lee, who Brianne has accused of sexually harassing her back in 2011 after a botched suicide attempt (why is everyone always sexually harassing this poor girl? Could it be because it’s all a lie?) According to her, she popped some pills (who knows what kind) and threw herself down some stairs. Her false allegations about Dr. Lee (a full investigation was performed and it was recently concluded that the doctor did absolutely nothing wrong, which in turn has further upset Brianne who wants to see the good doctor’s license removed) have been all over her blog and social media. It is an absolute insult to any real victims of sexual abuse.

    It is clear that the police aren’t going to stop Ms. Patterson, so I wish everyone involved the best of luck, especially Dann Martin. It’s obvious that she is going to torment him for as long as humanly possible. And the worst part? Some people actually believe her bullshit.

    Good luck!

  2. Anonymous

    She’s back at it again… Sorry to say. She’s created the In Memory of Hailey Dunbar Blanchette Facebook page and has used it to smear your name (this is how I found you) saying that you are writing a book about the murder and trying to profit off of it (ridiculous, as her statement was made the day the bodies were found)…. Then she used the group as a platform to bash others and victimize herself- leaving comments from sympathetic alias accounts. We are onto her. We know the truth.

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