SOCIOPATRIOT BLOG: The Desperate Fight to Suppress this Book

James Ryan

Ever since she found out that this book was being released, the cyber-bully who ended up becoming the main focus of this book, has been on a defamatory on-line mission to see that nobody reads it – or at the very least, that the author (yours truly) doesn’t make any money off of it. I mean, why should I, as the author and an artist, make any money off of my own work? Particularly when it’s me who’s the one who’s putting both my name and reputation on the line in an effort to stop a well-known cyber-bully and vindicate her on-line victims in the process – thus putting an even bigger target on my own back.

Believe me, as much as I’d love to give it away for FREE (and nothing’s to say that I eventually won’t), I do believe in the old saying – what has worth, is worth paying for. I have set a price for this book and if nobody wishes to purchase it, then so be it. I wouldn’t want anyone to waste their time or their money. But I won’t be giving a piece of my life and my energy away for nothing. Unlike this cowardly bully, I do not feel that my contribution to society is worthless.

In any event, I should probably address a few of the lies that Brianne Chantal Patterson has been spreading on-line:

1. “This is a fake book with fake information.” FALSE. This a real book (at least I hope so – I’m the one who wrote all 50,000 words of it) and it’s about the real events that transpired since the time of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s death, specifically with regards to a woman named Brianne Patterson who started up a fraudulent Facebook memorial page so that she could create drama and lies about several unknowing victims (all of whom have been interviewed in the book btw) and then shame and defame them in front of the rest of the Cirillo page members – thus directing traffic back to her bully blog, What The Eff!? (now switched over to Miss Musing).

2. The self-inflicted drama on the Cirillo page became so ridiculous back in February that the Cirillo family eventually demanded that the page be taken down, which of course, Brianne completely denied. She lied about this fact, lied about Cirillo’s girlfriend (not being his girlfriend), and in all likelihood, impersonated a member of the Cirillo family on Facebook – all the while placing the blame on one of her other victims – a former soldier named Dann Martin who Brianne also claimed to have been in a relationship with (this also turned out to be a massive lie). At first, Brianne refused to remove the page, but then eventually – she did. Then she opened it back up again. Then closed it again (this went back and forth several times). Then she tried to reopen it under another name: Light Up Yellow Campaign – her other made-up charity.

3. As it stands right now, Brianne has successfully changed the name of the RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page to the Light Up Yellow Campaign (it was re-opened after she found out about this book, thus proving that she never deleted the page at the family’s request) and has effectively hijacked close to 199,000 members (down 26,000 or so since the drama all began back in early November). This of course is all outlined and discussed in the book. In fact, everything that went down is all in the book. Every last unbelievable and insane detail – some of it as a result of Brianne posting lies and then immediately deleting her comments/articles – and some of it from behind the scenes as her victims all banded together in an effort to expose Brianne’s fraudulent and criminal behavior. None of the information in this book is in any way defamatory and I stand behind its accuracy one hundred percent.

4. Defamation only occurs when something is damaging to the “good reputation” of someone; slanderous or libelous. In this particular instance, Brianne (please Google her name) does not have a good reputation. In fact, her reputation and history as an on-line bully is shocking, ruthless and disgusting, and dates back several years. It has become a pattern of behaviour that she now knows she can easily get away with since the police are essentially powerless at stopping her anonymous on-line shenanigans. This is the problem with the Internet and the true focus of my book – and the real reason why I personally feel that everyone should read it.

5. In order for something to be slanderous or libelous, it must be untrue. I can assure you all that nothing in my book crosses this line. It rides the edge, yes – maybe dangerously so, but it does not cross. Claiming this book is defamatory or libelous when in fact it isn’t (remember, Brianne was making these claims weeks before even reading the book, which I’m still not convinced she’s done) is ironically, defamatory and libelous. So what’s she so afraid of then? Why would she think that it would be “defamatory” against her? Could it be because she knows who I’ve been speaking to, and more to the point – what she’s done to them?

6. Brianne has also been posting comments claiming to be giving away free copies of my book. Not only is this a severe copyright violation (if true), but I suspect she’s not even sending people my actual book – just something that she likely made up herself as a way to undermine the information that I have carefully reported on. I mean, why would a person who is so desperate to suppress the release of this book (more on that in a second) give it away for free? The short answer is – she wouldn’t.

7. As a self-published author (yes, I am proud of this fact) I rely on platforms such as Lulu, Smashwords, Amazon, etc. to host and distribute my work. What I was unaware of up until this point (thank you Brianne) is that if somebody complains to these companies and says that something is defamatory (even if that claim is a lie), they will just remove it, no questions asked. With Lulu, they said that they are “in receipt of a claim that statements made in [my] book ‘Sociopatriot’ may infringe someone’s privacy rights and/or be defamatory. [They] are not making a judgment as to the merits of this claim, but since a dispute exists, [they] must remove the book from availability through Lulu and its distribution channels.” I was surprised actually that Lulu would be so quick to side against one of their own authors (customers) without even taking the time to read the content or discuss the issue with myself before pulling my book off of the virtual shelf. Win one for Brianne I guess.

8. With Smashwords, they said that “upon further inspection of [my] work, Sociopatriot, [they] see that [I] have libelous statements against a real person, and that goes against [their] Terms of Service. The book has been unpublished.” Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree. It’s obvious that they did not take the time to read or understand the situation. Again, the book rides very close to the edge (truth has a way of doing that) but it does not cross any legal boundaries. I know this because everything that I have posted is based on a combination of my own opinions and observations, Brianne’s personal statements, and comments directly from her victims – all of which have been proven. But oh well, win two for Brianne.

9. Aside from creating fake social media accounts and impersonating me and my book on-line, Brianne has also posted my image on many of the third-party websites that her victims claim she has done to them. By lashing out against me, Brianne has validated the claims against her and provided more than enough evidence that everything in my book is in fact true. By crying foul and bringing attention to my efforts (something I am sure she sees as a defensive ‘pre-emptive’ tactic), she is only raising awareness and creating controversy. So again, thanks Brianne. Thanks for the free publicity, and thanks for proving everyone right.

Read it or don’t – it will be published again soon. That’s a promise.

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James Ryan
James Ryan


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  1. Holly Briley

    She is nothing if not predictable, following the same steps each time she gets her claws into someone or something. Then when it all blows up in her face .. and it ALWAYS blows up in her face, she denies, lies, creates multiple alters, Facebook pages, emails what have you in order to attempt to blame it on someone else. Of course, she fails at this too.
    As for her offering the book for free, I imagine this is just another ploy to get attention and hits to her blog. But, if she has it and sends it out – well, there’s a lawsuit.

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