Sociopatriot Book Review: Holly Briley, American Blogger

James Ryan


Hi James – Thank you for the advanced copy of your book.

If the mark of a good book is to make the reader feel, I would say you have a winner in yours. From the moment I began to read it, I began to feel sorrow and desperation. When you spoke of 9/11, it took me right back to that day. On that day, I too felt an overwhelming need to gather my family and to be ready to go to ground at a moment’s notice. I also felt overwhelming sorrow for the many that gave their lives that day, against their will, to further an agenda none of us would ever really understand.

Then the anger came and I was right back in that very dark place I lived for so many years. That old familiar anger and darkness that I thought I had buried long ago came to the surface. The anger towards a woman whom I never met, but who for over two years sought to destroy my life and in doing so, she also tried to destroy the lives of my family and friends.

The anger and darkness has a name, and it is Brianne Chantal Patterson. Destroyer of lives.

I should feel sympathy for her as it is obvious, and she has admitted, she suffers with a mental illness. Maybe on some level I do, but for as much as I thought I had forgiven and forgotten, I realized when reading your book, I never really did – not completely. This is something I’m going to have to work on.

I have no plans to remain in the dark place or to engage her, regardless of what attempts she may make to have me do so. To do so would give her too much power. Power I took back long ago.

It is my hope James that your book shines an even bigger light on the crimes and deeds of this woman and it brings some measure of comfort to all of her victims (and there are many) in knowing that they are not alone and there are people out there who actually believe them. But more than this, I hope it becomes a starting and talking point for true change in the way the cyber-stalking and bullying is handled by authorities. Not only in your country, but in mine as well.

Holly Briley

James Ryan
James Ryan


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