UPDATE: Brianne Patterson LIED, Did NOT Step Back from the Rest In Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook Page, now HIJACKED as #LightUpYellow despite its ongoing and childish harassment of former soldier Dann Martin

James Ryan

Originally posted on January 4, 2015. Updates provided in COMMENTS below.

“Once something is added to your collection of beliefs, you protect it from harm. You do this instinctively and unconsciously when confronted with attitude-inconsistent information. Just as confirmation bias shields you when you actively seek information, the backfire effect defends you when the information seeks you, when it blindsides you. Coming or going, you stick to your beliefs instead of questioning them. When someone tries to correct you, tries to dilute your misconceptions, it backfires and strengthens those misconceptions instead. Over time, the backfire effect makes you less skeptical of those things that allow you to continue seeing your beliefs and attitudes as true and proper.”

Hi there, folks. Me again. Please believe me when I tell you that I have much better things to be doing with my time (and my life) than talking about Brianne Chantal Patterson Duke. With that being said, there have been a lot of recent on-line activities, that as a concerned observer, and more specifically, as a proud Canadian citizen, I simply can’t ignore.

For starters, let’s pick up where we left off, which was my last article on November 20, 2014, where I specifically stated (rather harshly) that if the Rest in Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook supporters didn’t want to wake up to the atrocities of war or the blatant activities of a known scam artist, then who was I to stand in their way? I mean, why should I or anyone care, right? It’s a free world (or so we like to think).

But like I was telling a friend last night, I don’t blame the on-line supporters for not believing the scandalous and/or mind-boggling claims that have been made against Brianne. I admit – they are strange and unbelievable. And so, I know precisely why the supporters get their backs up and defend her, despite not knowing anything about her or her past, because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is a really good person with a really big heart. But sadly, this makes them easily susceptible to the lies and manipulation of any person (in this case – Brianne) who would choose to exploit their good nature. It’s quite unfortunate actually.

So anyway, let’s get on with it. And please pay careful attention to the dates.

“When you start to pull out facts and figures, hyperlinks and quotes, you are actually making the opponent feel even surer of his position than before you started the debate. As he matches your fervor, the same thing happens in your skull. The backfire effect pushes both of you deeper into your original beliefs.”

The following post (Jan. 3) claims that Brianne had been hospitalized due to the stress and suffering of depression, which apparently was caused by the harassment from a gentleman (who she has also claimed publicly to be her ex-boyfriend) who goes by the name of Dann Martin.


Dann Martin is a video blogger out of Calgary, Alberta who is also known on Twitter as @hungrytrucker (please notice that there is no “the” before the name). He describes himself as a single dad, an ex-military soldier of eight years, and a proud Canadian citizen. He also states that it was only upon sending out one single Tweet questioning the validity of the fund-raising efforts behind the Nathan Cirillo Facebook page, that he was first introduced to Brianne. According to Dann, he had no prior knowledge of Brianne before that, let alone any sort of romantic involvement with her as she later stated on her social media accounts. He does confess however to making an inappropriate joke on her Instagram page (something to do with a banana), where he goes by the name of “thehungrytrucker.”


In his recent videos, Dann also claims that Brianne responded to his intended joke by creating false Facebook and Twitter accounts bearing his name (including the word “the” beforehand), and using these accounts to leave extremely threatening and harassing messages on some of her own photos. These false accounts have since been reported by Dann, and removed by both Twitter and Facebook.


Now again, Dann claims that he and Brianne have never been in a relationship. But I would think that if Dann is lying about this, then this would be fairly simple for Brianne to prove. If they were in fact in a relationship, and she’s not lying through her teeth, then I would think that she would have absolutely no problem answering the following questions:

How old are Dann’s daughters? What are their names? What are the exact dates that they were involved in a relationship? How did they first meet (he lives and works in Alberta – she’s in British Columbia). What is the name of Dann’s father? How many siblings does Dann have? . . . and so on. You know; typical information that any boyfriend or girlfriend would know about their significant other. Easy stuff.

In fact, here’s my challenge to each of the readers: Ask Brianne yourself. Ask her these questions and see how she responds. If you don’t know what to believe anymore or who’s telling the truth in all of this, then please continue to give Brianne the full benefit of the doubt and ask her to answer these basic, simple questions. And one way or another, you will get your answer.

Twitter: @Briadoublene BLOCKED

Facebook: Rest in Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo REMOVED

Facebook: Light Up Yellow REMOVED

Blog: What The Eff?

So now I ask you . . .

Does this really sound like a person who is suffering from depression, to the point of being hospitalized as a result of it?

BP Group 1a

Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that she had previously announced a much anticipated surgery as well as an on-going health problem long before Dann Martin starting poking around?

BP Group 2a

And lastly, doesn’t it seem just a wee bit offensive and hypocritical that she would be so offended by Dann’s banana joke, but has no problem whatsoever laughing it off when someone else accuses her of being much worse?

A compliment? Really?

BP Group 3a

Unfortunately, these are all questions that you’ll have to answer for yourself. I can’t tell you what to think or believe. All I can do is point you in the right direction. Oh, and if at the end of your investigation, you find the answers you’ve been searching for and you still don’t have a problem with this woman (who if I’m correct, has been acting severely and criminally towards Dann Martin – a former soldier btw) running a website on behalf of Nathan Cirillo and making a mockery of all of our fallen brothers and sisters, then maybe you should re-evaluate your own role in all of this.

Especially you Amarit (if you’re even a real person and not just another one of Brianne’s fake social media profiles). You are now an accomplice.

“The more difficult it becomes to process a series of statements, the less credit you give them overall. During metacognition, the process of thinking about your own thinking, if you take a step back and notice that one way of looking at an argument is much easier than another, you will tend to prefer the easier way to process information and then leap to the conclusion that it is also more likely to be correct. In experiments where two facts were placed side by side, subjects tended to rate statements as more likely to be true when those statements were presented in simple, legible type than when printed in a weird font with a difficult-to-read color pattern. Similarly, a barrage of counterarguments taking up a full page seems to be less persuasive to a naysayer than a single, simple, powerful statement.”

All the best.


READ: On-Line Petitioner attacks Freedom of Speech Rights
Written November 3, 2014

James Ryan
James Ryan




    Jan. 4, 2015

    Right on. I asked questions and didn’t become the subject of harassment and slander, BUT I was given no answer. The reply I got was to be banned from commenting any further on both the Rest in Peace and Light it up pages. That’s a pretty telling answer since i never accused anyone of anything, only asked. I’ve since done enough research to know what the truth is about her. My heart is still big. I know what I joined the page for. I joined out of respect and mourning for Cpl Cirillo – something that has been severely under demonstrated since about 2 weeks after his murder. I have no idea what can be done, but I hope there is someone out there who does know. And acts, before her drama is attached to him for good.

  2. James Ryan

    Jan. 5, 2015

    Thanks Kristen, I have heard the exact same thing no less than about 30 times so far. All the best to you.

    Also, the Rest in Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page is down about 3,000 members from last fall. My guess is that these are people who for whatever reason decided to leave on their own, or they have been blocked for asking questions, much like your own situation.

  3. James Ryan

    Jan. 6, 2015

    Well everyone, it looks like we were all lied to again (as it was predicted on Twitter). Instead of stepping back from the Nathan Cirillo Facebook page, Brianne (along with two other admins) have decided to start up a whole new “Closed” Facebook page instead. Apparently, dealing with the backlash of thousands of people seeking HONEST ANSWERS has become too much for Brianne to handle, so instead, she is inviting others to hide in privacy while she continues to pass blame on Dann Martin, who has been absolutely and severely slandered throughout all of this.

    What did Brianne expect would happen when she tried to ruin yet another person’s life with lies? I guess she figured he would just go away out of fear of being publicly shamed. Well, she was wrong. Dann Martin is a former soldier and he definitely doesn’t scare easily – that much is apparent. And the posts that are being removed off of the current “Public” Facebook page are as a result of them slandering Dann, and not an objection to the page itself. Had they just kept the page for Nathan only, instead of posting all of their behind the scenes drama, then none of this would likely have happened.

    Oh, and to the woman who sent me a nasty message tonight on Twitter re: Dann – please do your homework. I’m really not interested in hearing you call him names when you don’t even know the facts of what’s been happening. Thank you.

  4. James Ryan

    Jan. 6, 2015

    The good news at least is that Andrea Polko (I understand that she was Nathan Cirillo’s girlfriend at the time of the shooting) is also an Admin on the new Facebook page. I seriously hope she just takes it over completely. All the best. R.I.P. Nathan.

  5. James Ryan

    Jan. 20, 2015


    1. Andrea Polko is no longer an Admin on the CLOSED Nathan Cirillo Facebook page. In hindsight, not sure that she was ever a legitimate person anyway, as opposed to a fake account, which was merely set up in her name to make it seem like she was in support of the page. In any event, it’s now gone.

    2. The Original Facebook page is once again down by a few thousand members. Remember – if you ask questions, you WILL BE BLOCKED from that page as well.

    3. The new CLOSED Nathan Cirillo Facebook page only has about 1,400 members. That a considerable drop from the over 200,000 members that were on the Original page. But again, those numbers are dropping. It’s starting to look like Brianne is finally losing her support, which was only ever based on lies anyway. People are waking up.

  6. James Ryan

    Good day everyone. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last updated you on what’s been happening with this situation, which has been a lot, so here goes…

    For starters, the RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page has finally been taken down at the family’s request (demand). The drama reached its peak with Brianne and Andrea fighting over control of the page and asking the family to intervene and settle the dispute – to take sides, which they did by sternly telling Brianne to take the page down, as well as her Light Up Yellow page. Finally, someone with a little sense.

    Dann Martin continued for weeks to make his videos defending his reputation, and thankfully the articles (lies) about him on Brianne’s blog have all been removed (for now). I have it on good authority that Dann has been in contact with several different police agencies, and he is currently seeking legal counsel (likely the reason why the articles are now deleted). Unfortunately for Dann however, the damage has already been done. He lost his job as a truck driver and there are still several articles out there about him which are slandering him via an anonymous poster. One guess as to who that could be…

    But of course, it can’t be proven. Welcome to the Internet.

    On my end, a complaint was issued regarding all of the images for my articles concerning Brianne on my blog, which were immediately removed, thus removing any and all proof that I may have had by way of screenshots (don’t worry, I kept them, I just haven’t had the time to repost them – yet). I used a third party image hosting website, and they apparently have a no-questions-asked policy for removing images when someone makes a complaint, even if they are not in any copyright violation. Oh well…lesson learned on my end I guess. Don’t host any images with a third party website. Got it!

    And I don’t want to say that it was Brianne who complained because I obviously have no proof.

    So, I quickly decided to host the images myself on my blog (something that I should have done from the start anyway), but then a short while later, I received an email from HostGator that there was an official copyright complaint on the images that I was using, specifically the ones that had Brianne’s picture on them (which explains why I now have them all blacked out). HostGator also provided a link, which brought me back to Brianne’s WTF blog (proving that she was using the image of her face as a logo), but of course, that page has now been disabled. It wasn’t there before, and it’s not there now. But whatever.

    Trying to hide something Brianne?

    Oh and this time I can say absolutely that it was Brianne who complained. You see, HostGator forwarded her entire complaint email to me, which also included her private mailing address and her telephone number. I thought that was pretty weird of them to do, but then again, I guess it’s normal considering the nature of the complaint. Her face is a copyrighted image? Really? Weird.

    I decided to take the articles down mainly because I’ve just been too busy to address this issue any further, but I am now reposting them because as happy as I am that the Facebook page has finally been shut down, I know that this is not a one-time pattern of behaviour for her. She’s done it before and she’ll do it again, so I want this here permanently as a warning to others. She can keep trying to take them down (and she will), but I promise you, the truth will not be hidden.

    Oh and I also received an email directly from Brianne last week (but again, I can only assume it was actually her – I really have no way of knowing for sure), more or less blaming the girlfriend for everything that resulted in the page being shutdown, stating that I was correct in my initial suspicions about her…blah, blah, blah…

    Listen Brianne, I don’t believe a single word that comes out of your mouth, so why don’t you just spare the both of us, and stop trying to be my friend. It’s not gonna happen. I have seen who you are and what you are capable of, and I do not like you. Period.

    Good luck with your court cases.

    PS. I would think that someone as tech savvy as yourself would be smart enough to know that blocking me from viewing your social media account is useless at best. But I guess you’re not as smart as I gave you credit for.

  7. Excellent page James! I am happy and proud to see the Cirillo facebook page finally taken down at the family’s request. Brianne Chantal Paterson’s greatest crime in all of this is using a memorial page in honor of a fallen soldier to attack her opponents and gain traffic to her page as well as

    She has created such immense damage to my name online I am now considering legally changing it. I have found dozens of false and malicious reports by Brianne on pages like, thedirty, and many others. The damage to my name will follow me the rest of my life and all I did was defend the honor of a dead soldier.

    All of my family knows about this, all the people at my job knew about it as over 200,000 people would get daily facebook updates by Brianne on the Cirllo page creating new fake stories everyday. I have lost my job 2 weeks ago after being abruptly fired with no warning or excuse and am now having great difficulty finding a new job because my name is all over the internet.

    I have filed reports with local police and RCMP and they are investigating Brianne and am building a legal case with my lawyer. Brianne Chantal Patterson is a cyberstalker and cyberbully, its important to warn others how dangerous she is. I hope one day soon she will be held accountable for her actions.

  8. James Ryan

    More strange behaviour going on . . . I thought things were starting to mellow out finally, but Dann went ahead and created four new videos; one defending himself against a highly misinformed critic, another talking about Brianne’s blog (I didn’t watch that one), another talking about her blog (I didn’t watch that one either), and lastly, one that declared the reinstatement of his Twitter account (@hungrytrucker) which had been under a six week suspension – and these videos all seem to have kicked up the bees nest because now there are three new selectively slanderous articles about Dann back up on Brianne’s WTF blog.

    And when I say selectively slanderous, what I mean is that she posts these articles with shortened videos clips, taking what Dann says out of context, and manipulates his intended point in order to make him look violent or harassing. For example, Dann attempted, albeit quite awkwardly, to describe the flaws in our legal system that allow a person to get away with bullying and terrorizing people on-line with lies. He pointed out that in some countries this would not be tolerated (which explains his odd back-whipping remarks), much like in the old days (before the Internet) where victims would have dealt with destructive people on their own (true). The clip was then edited and shared as Dann’s intent to cause violent harm to another person/woman – in this case, Brianne, although she never comes right out and states her own name on her blog. Even stranger is that she always talks about her situations like she’s a separate third party to all of this. Merely an observer reporting on the “facts” I guess.

    At this point, I’m not sure what either of them are hoping to achieve, but I do know that things are already way past ugly. Neither of them are going to win this one. Brianne – it’s well-documented and everyone already knows that you’re a proven liar. At this point, nobody should believe even one word that you have to say. Dann – if you want your messages to be taken more seriously than you need to start making them more professional. Brianne is ridiculing you, and the worst part is that you’re making it easy for her. Everyone has the right to defend themselves against slander, but at this pace, she’ll be the one slapping a restraining order or lawsuit against you, and guess what happens to your credibility after that? It won’t exist.

    Okay, and now for the strange part . . .

    Yesterday (because of Dann’s new videos) I decided to check out Brianne’s page and her page, both of which were displaying a strange message (I wish I had taken a screenshot, but I wouldn’t have been able to post it in the comments section anyway) saying: “hacked!!!!! the person who runs this website is a piece of shit bitch” or something like that. Both were worded exactly the same (although not exactly as I may have written) indicating that the same person was responsible for “hacking” her websites. But not the WTF blog, which is easily her most damaging and slanderous website. Hmmmm . . .

    So then I got thinking, why would those websites be “hacked” and not the WTF blog? Who actually cares about those traffic-less blogs? Then I recalled back a while ago, when it was announced that her WTF blog had been hacked by “Anonymous” which I always felt was a lie perpetrated by Brianne herself in order to gain sympathy and attention on the Nathan Cirillo Facebook page (there was even a threatening video to go along with it). The hack was basically nothing. Just a bit of rewording if I remember. Also, I was constantly being contacted by an anonymous person on Twitter who went by the name “Anonymous” right up until that point but not afterwards. I have a theory on who I thought it was, but without actual proof that’s all it really is – a theory.

    Her brianne blog is basically obsolete anyway – I think it maybe had one article about Dann on there and nothing else, so right away I thought, no big loss. She could afford to take it down and make it seem like she was under attack – once again playing the victim whenever she faces public criticism. Her lightupyellow website is also obsolete. With the removal of the Facebook pages (Light Up Yellow and RIP Nathan Cirillo), the fundraising movement seems to be dead anyway, so again, who cares if she shuts it down and blames someone else in the process? In other words, I wouldn’t put it past this woman to have done this herself.

    I then went back to both of them again today and guess what? It’s a miracle!!! They’re not hacked anymore!!! lol

    Just a message saying that her brianne blog can’t be found, and the lightupyellow will be back up in the summer for an exciting announcement. Oh joy, I can’t wait.

    Oh and if you Google Light Up Yellow, her website displays in the top search results. And guess what else displays? That’s right! Yesterday’s “hacked” message. Well guess what folks, I’ve been operating a blog since 2008 and here’s what I know – the reason the hacked message is still displaying on Google is because Google needs time to refresh itself after an INTERNAL CHANGE. In other words, Brianne definitely wrote the hacked messages herself, once again proving to me that she is a monumental liar who will stop at nothing to get people to feel sorry for her. But I already knew that.

    Oh and one last thing . . .

    I also found a new site called that was created only a couple days ago on Monday February 16, 2015. A bit of a strange coincidence, wouldn’t you agree?

  9. James Ryan

    And now the Rest In Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page is back up!!! Against the family’s wishes!! And only to share even more drama related to Dann Martin and NOT Nathan Cirillo.

    Jeez this pisses me off. I am so sick of this woman dragging Nathan’s name through the mud for her own personal gain. And now it also appears that she’s removing the name and images of Nathan and replacing them with her Light Up Yellow campaign. What an easy way to gain an audience of over 200,000 people I guess. Wow.

  10. James Ryan

    A few updates worth mentioning . . .

    Brianne is now declaring that the Nathan Cirillo Facebook page will (again) be deleted once and for all (I’ll believe it when I see it), but it’ll have to wait until March 6th because of a pending request to change the name. As previously mentioned, she was high-jacking the page for her Light Up Yellow (LUY) campaign in order to migrate 200,000+ followers over to her made-up charity page after the family demanded that the page be removed. Also, there is a message currently posted on her LUY website stating that she is taking the website down and ending the campaign. But again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    There are two new Facebook pages worth following:

    1. The Family wants the Nathan page down

    2. The Canadian Soldier / le Soldat Canadien

    People in the military community are finally starting to wake up to what has been happening, which is definitely good news. At some point, I am confident that the media and the authorities will wake up as well. It’s just a matter of time now.

    I had previously mentioned in the above comments that a few of the images which were posted on my previously written Brianne articles were removed, but that I was in the process of restoring them one article at a time. Well here’s the very first article that I wrote about Brianne, dating back to November 3, 2014: On-Line Petitioner attacks Freedom of Speech Rights

    If you’re new to what’s been happening, it’s definitely worth a read.

    Ok . . . just a few more quick notes and then that’ll be it from me . . .

    1. I don’t acknowledge lies, particularly from hack websites that nobody goes to, so if anyone wants to know anything about me (or my blog), they can do so here: or ask me directly. And if you need character references, I have those too. But otherwise, like Michael J. Fox said: “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

    2. I WAS (past tense) a contributor to a brand new website called, which definitely belongs to someone else. I was doing this woman a favour to help generate traffic. In total, I have been a contributor to more than 30 different websites over the past six years, but my blog is the only site that I have ever actually owned. Any reference to the madnessofmen on my blog is simply because it is a CATEGORY. I do not, nor have I ever, claimed ownership anywhere else.

    3. I fully support Dann Martin (@hungrytrucker) in his fight to restore his reputation. The guy asked a question about suspicious fundraising efforts from a less than reputable person, and has since had his life turned upside-down and ruined. And the worst part is that he’s a former soldier himself. But that doesn’t stop the Nathan Cirillo supporters from attacking or threatening him. Anyone else see the irony here?

    4. I was on Twitter and stumbled onto this little gem: The first tweet was only dated two days ago – February 19th. And considering Brianne is the biggest cyber-bully that I’ve ever met (yes, including Cage Stoker), I have to believe she’s up to something no good. Either that or it’s a pretty massive coincidence.

    And 5. I have been asked to make a proposal to a well-known Canadian book Publisher talking about my personal experiences with this whole situation, so it’s quite possible that you’ll be hearing a lot more about what’s been going on. Fingers crossed. Nothing is final.


    PS Please SHARE so we can get the truth out. Thank you.

  11. Dann’s situation was reported to us by one of the members of The Canadian Soldier, after a brief investigation of the claims and allegations made against him, we determined that this Patterson individual is one completely malignant sociopath who has on numerous times gotten into the limelight riding somebody else’s coattails.

    There are reports of her engaging in this sort of action with the mother of Amanda Todd, several reports of her being involved in cyber stalking celebrities like Britney Spears, a few instances of references about her being considered a person of interest by the FBI, one might conclude that in light of all of this information that it would be prudent to avoid anything to do with this creature at all costs!

    This person is not there to be of benefit to anybody but herself, certainly NOT to the family of Cpl. Cirillo, furthermore we would recommend reporting any instances of online abuse and harassment, threats, and slanderous or libelous claims on any of her websites, pages, blogs et al, to the local authorities. She is rather well known to them, perhaps allowing them to sort her out will serve to reinforce the idea that people are through taking her guff!

  12. James Ryan

    The Rest in Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Facebook page was NEVER permanently closed. The admin Brianne Patterson went against the Cirillo family’s wishes and simply changed the name of the page to the Light Up Yellow Campaign, essentially hijacking over 225,000 brand new members (now at 196,000 and falling fast).

    Both leading up to and since the time of the hostile takeover, Light Up Yellow has been many things. At first, it attempted to exploit dead military and their families by encouraging people to shine a bright yellow light on a building or a major structure (Peace Bridge for example) in November of every year. Then it attempted to raise funds for the Cirillo family directly until Dann Martin eventually exposed this questionable attempt at fundraising. The option to donate was then removed off of the Light Up Yellow website and Brianne has been unrelenting towards Dann ever since in her twisted revenge.

    A couple of months ago, Light Up Yellow suddenly decided to change its focus towards mental illness instead, thus abandoning any ambition to profit off of the backs of the Canadian military – a group btw that has done NOTHING up until now to help expose or stop this woman. Then, after competing directly with the fundraising efforts of the Light Up Purple Campaign (mental illness) which was started up by Carol Todd (Amanda Todd’s mother), Light Up Yellow changed again to support (and exploit) Gay and Transgender Rights, just like she did with mental illness, just like she did with Nathan Cirillo, and now just like she’s doing with some “Positive Person” contest and “promoting positivity and awareness surrounding many different issues.”

    She claims to be very proud of her 190,000 members, as if in some way, she believes she earned them through honest efforts.

    Now she’s attempting to SHAME the Toronto Police over a transgender issue, all the while, conveniently directing traffic back to her celebrity attack blog

    And lastly, she is all over Twitter . . . Check out @briadoublenne @lightupyellowca (warning! Pornographic content), and @PeopleofCanada. This woman is clearly sick in the head, but at least her name isn’t attached to Nathan’s any longer. In this regard, she is a pathetic failure.

    Not that Nathan’s family seems to give a rat’s ass anyway considering how quiet they’ve been through all of this nonsense. Good people (former soldiers, wives of soldiers, etc.) have been publicly attacked and humiliated (lied about) all over the Internet, all because they stood up for Nathan and what he represented, just as he would have sacrificed for our country. But instead of thanking guys like Dann Martin, most choose to judge him based on his overweight appearance and stumbling articulation.

    And sorry, again . . . where’s Nathan’s family in all of this? Why aren’t they at least speaking to Dann directly or getting involved in some other way to show their support?

    The police are taking forever. The Cirillo family is ignoring what’s happening. The court system doesn’t work for this sort of thing. Politicians don’t give a fuck. And the mainstream media are a bunch of chicken shits. As usual.

    Anyway, that’s all for now. If you think you’re brave enough to get through the first couple chapters, you can buy my new book SOCIOPATRIOT at

  13. mandy

    She has a new victim now which would be the dunbar and Blanchette. The case of the father Terry and his daughter hailey. She has been ruthlessly harassing everyone. She has multiple Facebook accounts to make herself look like completely different people

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