Taking Care of our Veterans is a Cost of War

James Ryan

It’s so fucking true. And I have a better idea…let’s stop with all of the lies and bullshit that are taking our soldiers to war in the first place.

What? Too naive?

Is war an absolutely necessary evil in preserving our “freedom” to spend money that we technically don’t have, in order to buy shit that we really don’t need, in order to impress people who really don’t care?
And while I’m at it (mini-rant), stop getting your information from mainstream, corporate-owned media (CNN, FOX, CBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, WTF, etc..)!

In fact, from now on, as a safety measure, just start believing the exact opposite of everything you hear. Chances are, it’ll be a lot closer to the truth than you think.

James Ryan
James Ryan


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