It’s not looking good for Brianne Chantal Patterson Duke

James Ryan

Okay, so here’s the condensed version of the background story:

A Hamilton Spectator journalist wrote a column stating that Cpl. Nathan Cirillo wasn’t really a hero. Not a popular opinion, but an opinion (Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) nonetheless. People got mad (understandably). In fact, one person from Vancouver got so mad that she couldn’t stop herself. Not only did she start and promote a petition to have this said journalist fired, but she bragged about it on her social media accounts as well. And so, this is how I was able to somehow cross paths with the now infamous Brianne Chantal Patterson Duke, the Administrator for the Rest In Peace Cpl. Nathan Cirillo fan page – a great page in certain ways, but oddly sick and twisted all at the same time when you consider that she only created her patriotic sympathy page for Cpl. Cirillo, as an apparent attempt to profit financially by way of GoFundMe donations, and promote her Light Up Yellow campaign/website. There is clear evidence that she lied about where the money was going. Even the guy who SHE said would vouch for her fundraising efforts – didn’t. In fact, he demanded to have his name removed from her website as he was adamant that he had nothing at all to do with it. It was at this time that she then shut it all down, but it was too late. The damage was already done. People were on to her scam.

It didn’t take long before some of the soldier’s wives began to question Brianne about it as well, so Brianne blocked them all from the Cirillo fan page and made up multiple hate-filled lies about them in order to gain sympathy for herself from Nathan’s loyal and emotional fanbase (she made herself look like the victim from her insane “attackers”). Brianne even went so far as to edit comments from these ladies on her website and personal blog. Lucky for one of the wives however, she kept a screenshot as evidence of Brianne’s slanderous edits.

And according to another wife, Brianne even went so far as to change one of her comments to “Brianne Chantal Patterson deserves to be RAPED” and then exposed this military wife’s true identity and personal information in the subsequent comment. She also threatened to contact this wife’s employer to have her fired.

Again, it was all just a big lie. But here…see for yourself…


what sam really wrote

Over the past couple of days, amid mounting pressures, Brianne Patterson has since removed herself as the co-admin on the Cpl. Nathan Cirillo page (her friend Jessica (untrustworthy accomplice?) has now taken over for her…supposedly). Brianne has also locked up all of her social media accounts and her blogs. Nothing to hide I guess…

And now suddenly, Anonymous is even getting involved. Madness!!

Please help spread this video by Anonymous until Brianne is held accountable for her treasonous and despicable acts against the Canadian military and the trusting people of Canada. And no, you’re not allowed to feel sorry for this girl. This apparently has been a long-time pattern of behaviour.

Cpl. Cirillo deserves better than this. He deserves better than to have this troubled woman’s name forever linked onto to his, which was no doubt, part of her plan all along.

R.I.P. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. You deserve peace, brother.


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This shocking book attempts to expose the criminal behaviour of a notorious Canadian cyber-stalker/bully who attempted to shamelessly exploit the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo (among many others) for her own personal and financial gains, and in the process destroyed many lives and reputations of those who dared to challenge her. It also does a very good job in exposing the lax enforcement of our practically non-existent cyber-laws with regards to on-line defamation, identity theft, charity fraud, and public shaming – all tools of the cowardly and manipulative cyber-sociopath, proving once and for all that nothing is ever as it seems in this crazy, mixed-up world where professional liars operate under an extremely dark cloud of on-line anonymity. #RIPNathanCirillo #LightUpYellow #BriannePatterson

James Ryan
James Ryan



  1. Heather

    No doubt, Jessica IS Brianne Chantal. It’s another thing she does. She creates personalities, from ip addresses collected from facebook pages or blogs, she’s created. This is history repeating itself. She is malicious. She has gotten people fired from their job. She has used twitter to threaten companies and fast food joints to get compensation (usually gift certificates). Her most famous is Starbucks. She’s always a victim of cancer; always pregnant and miscarrying; always being cyber stalked by people she’s harassed relentlessly. She is well known with the RCMP in Burnaby and another BC town she’s living in.

    She also created a page on facebook, Prayers for Tilly. A contestant on Big Brother had a baby daughter with a life threatening condition. She also tried to collect money and claimed to have had pictures in an album, to be delivered to Tilly’s family. She claimed on twitter it was done, but it was never delivered.

    Brianne Chantal has made many enemies because she will do anything to be the center of attention. She see’s this a being a celebrity. Her favorite quote is…just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t make it true. Most of the stories you’ve heard about her are true and have been backed up by people directly involved OR who have known her. This pattern has been going on for years. She has created twitter accounts that have sent death threats to her. Ask here what she won’t due for attention and fraud.

    Stay away from this wack job. She will claim all allegations are false and she has proof. She is able to alternate text messages, emails and just about anything to favor her. If it weren’t for screen shots, she might get away with this stuff. If you post on any social account belonging to her, take a screen shot before you submit it. It you don’t agree with what she says, she will either remove your post, alter it or post your personal information on the net.

    No surprise she used a fallen soldier to scam and mislead. This is what she does. Once you get to see her in action often enough, you’ll recognize she’s nothing but a grifter who can’t make an honest day’s pay.

    As for the facebook page and light up yellow campaign, I’m convinced Brianne Chantal Patterson is simply working behind the scenes under a false or stolen name.

    Last, but not least; her pictures are photoshopped big time. She uses the instagram or other online makeovers to alter her pictures (makeup, hair, transplanting her head on another body, etc). If you look close, you’ll see wigs, odd pictures that don’t look quite right. She is unable to be honest on any level. She’s denied using such software, but if you saw what she really looked light, you’d understand why she does it. Google her name and click on images. She’s a freak show.

  2. LOL

    This is the biggest load of crap I have ever read. She doesn’t alter her pictures. Jessica and Brianne aren’t the same person. Hust like Brianne and the other admins aren’t the same people, either. There are at least 6 admins on both of the Facebook pages, it’s an equal effort, but most of the others are smart enough to not use their names since they’ve witnessed how James Ryan has been stalking Brianne.

  3. Debbie

    Someone should find the American woman named Holly Briley and ask her what Brianne has been doing to her and her family for the three years. Holly had a blog about all of it but I cant find it online any longer. If Brianne is ever arrested for her behaviour I am sure that the authorities will be speaking to Mrs Briley and quite possibly calling her as a witness against Brianne.

  4. Heather

    Like I said….she trolls under other
    Names , like LOL.

    Brianne, your syntax ALWAYS gives you away. People know the truth about you. Two things: 1 It makes you that more repulsive and 2 You are NOT a celebrity. You are a notorious fraud and schemer. That is what your name is associated with.

  5. Heather

    PS. Your alter twitter accts to take down this blogger are laughable, at best. You are so predictable!

  6. Nameless Victim

    Oh, dear. I thought she was laying low. Guess not. Stench never stays buried, I guess.

    Holly B. Took down her Brianne site because they had called a truce. Hopefully, Brianne is still leaving Holly alone because Brianne was really crossing the line and deserved to go to jail. She was almost a full time job for Holly. It’s too bad it’s not live because it really is an archive of dirty deed after dirty deed, complete with screen shots.

    She has impersonated celebrities and been able to get other celebrities to fall for it. Tony Geary and some other actor from General Hospital were being impersonated on Twitter. Her fraudeulent accounts, which had many followers including other soap actors, were closed by Twitter.

    She started rumors that Kelly Clarkson’s husband was having an affair while Kelly was pregnant, then implied she was the other woman!

    Seriously, I don’t know why the entertainers don’t hire attorneys to go after her. They have the means, but they let it go. They have no idea how dangerous she can be. If she could afford it, she would probably try to find their homes, camp out on their lawns and ingratiate herself into their lives, then harm them. Maybe then she would get arrested.

  7. Kya

    I don’t know anything about her personally, but she’s currently pretending to be the ex girlfriend of a friend of mine (on twitter) and claiming he’s also threatening to kill her, which I find odd as they’ve never met, and he’s about twice her age if i’m estimating her age correctly, but whatever.

    This photo certainly does look edited to me. Doesn’t take a photoshop expert to see the smeared lines around the head from a clumsy image-pasting job. No idea why she’d alter her hair of if it even matters, but it seems altered.

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