Sorting Through Ontario’s Political Mess

James Ryan

Well, I can’t honestly say that I disagree with the attrition of 100,000 government jobs, but I seriously fear the second part of Hudak’s plan, which is what I can only assume will be the mass destruction of Ontario’s wildernesses. And more than likely our highly precious Provincial parks. All in the name of oil, and jobs, and more bullshit that we don’t need. As a species, it seems we will never stop building and growing. Even when faced with the actual notion of no more clean drinking water for example, we still don’t care enough to rise up and stop it. We’re afraid. To make personal sacrifices. Forcing ourselves to become less comfortable, and more self-sufficient.

Vote for PC if you don’t understand that the 100,000 jobs are the carrot, and the 1,000,000 jobs are the knife in the back. Not reversed like everyone currently thinks it is.

Vote for Green if you’re concerned more about our valuable ecosystem, than you are about jobs that shouldn’t even be jobs to begin with. We need to start replacing those jobs. Let’s start with the planting and growing of hemp. Hemp replaces just about everything and anything. And it grows a lot faster than trees. Those same trees that one day might up and die of toxic poisoning. Then we’d all be fucked.

Vote for Liberal if you absolutely can’t stop yourself from voting for your own local popularity contest winner. Because that’s the only way the Liberals will even have a shot at winning anything. How can they even be allowed to run again given that they are currently under criminal investigation?

And finally, vote for NDP if you want everything to stay exactly the same as it is right now, including our massive debt. Which will continue to grow if we don’t stop the bleeding. The sooner the better.

Oh and don’t you think it’s a little strange how the Green party is almost 100% ignored by the media? As if they don’t even exist. Just Google “ontario debate” and look at the selection of images. All that gets promoted is the three-headed hydra. It’s a joke.

James Ryan
James Ryan


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