What Sort of Life are you Living?

James Ryan

Okay everyone, here’s your chance. Tell me and everyone else on here how difficult your life is. How unhappy you are in your current relationship. How much your job sucks. How your dreams aren’t coming true because you’re being discriminated against. How no one is giving you that big break because they’re jealous of you. How it’s someone else’s fault that you’re an unhappy and miserable person. How your health is holding you back from accomplishing your dreams and goals. How terribly unfair life has been to you. How no one understands you or the challenges that you’ve had to overcome. How your parents messed up in raising you. How unique your suffering is from anyone else’s. How it’s someone else’s fault that you’re not living the life you want. How happy you’d be if only you had more money. How we’re all supposed to give a shit about your extremely and infectiously bad attitude.


James Ryan
James Ryan


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