Niagara Storm OFC: Week Two Scores and Post-Game Quotes

James Ryan


Atom Final Score: Niagara Storm 18, Port Dover Steelheads 0

“It’s quite evident to all Niagara Storm members and fans alike, that the placement of Kent Risko as Head Coach for the newly developed Atom division was a move in the right direction. With close to a half a century of youth football coaching experience, Coach Kent offers those kids, at an entry level with an interest in football, an opportunity to understand the game, to play the game, and to be a part of a successful teaching program, that in my opinion, far surpasses any I have seen to date. His continual dedication is shared with his assistant coaches, who in Coach Kent’s absence this past Sunday, kept the ‘Storm-a-brewin’ in game two, by motivating our boys to their first win of the season against the Port Dover Steelheads. Emphasis is not placed on the scoreboard, but rather the skill development, knowledge of the game, and safety. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy on a child’s face as his or her confidence grows and they realize they are part of something special.” – Suzanne Clarke-Hart

Pee Wee Final Score: Niagara Storm 34, Hamilton Black n Orange 0

“First, let’s start by saying that I am so proud of all the Pee Wee players for playing their hearts out. What we lack in the number of players, we make up for with strong hearts to learn and play football. We have some first-time footballers who have never played the game before and they come to every practice with open minds to learn and have fun. For the players that have played before, they show their leadership out on the field, and also always wanting to learn what I have to offer as a Coach. I am not a fancy coach. We teach the fundamentals of football – play hard and you will be rewarded, and at the same time, have fun. As for the game today, we had a slow start, but once we found our rhythm, we just played hard with simple plays and it went our way. We had great running plays and great passing plays on offence, but the defence played a great game again, especially for the number of players that have to play on both the defence and the offence. It’s a joy to watch and see how it all comes together. All 14 players need mentioning; Daniel, Javonte, Jarrel, Connor, Jordan, Spencer, Sam, Cole, Mario, Patrick, Ryan, Eric, Stewart, and Antonio. You guys played your hearts out! Great job to all, and a great thank you to all the parents, as it is great to have you as a part of the team.” – Nico “Nick” Pellegrino, Pee Wee Head Coach, on behalf of himself, Joe Pellegrino and Paul DiSefano

Bantam Final Score: Twin Cities Predators 47, Niagara Storm 14

“We were definitely hurt by turnovers. We need to work more on ball security and on-side kick coverage. I think the offense played better aside from the turnovers. Our defense is on the field way too much. We will continue to improve and keep working hard.” – Marcus Stake, Bantam Head Coach

“Update on Simon Martinson from Bantam is that he’s doing well – just a bruised neck, just released from emergency. Thanks to all those who helped out with him today!” – Katharine Jones Martinson

JV Final Score: Niagara Storm 6, Twin Cities Predators 4

“Great job today JV boys! It was a complete team effort. Each one of you is an important piece of this team’s puzzle. Each one of you cannot be replaced. Let’s continue to build on today’s successes, and let’s continue to motivate and inspire each other to develop into fine young athletes. I hope you are celebrating the victory tonight – no win in football is easy to come by, but once Tuesday rolls around, it’s a new week and a new team. Great job today! I’m proud to be a part of the Storm Family.” – David Andrew, JV Linebacker Coach

“Congratulations to the JV Storm on their win today! You boys played a great game, with excellent teamwork! Go Storm!” – Judith Zarubiak

“You guys did an outstanding job on defence again. Offence is starting to find its’ legs. Overall, I thought it was a really solid performance.” – Dave Richardson, JV Head Coach

Varsity Final Score: Twin Cities Predators 42, Niagara Storm 0

“When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge.” – Frank Trivieri, Storm President (via Terry Bradshaw)


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James Ryan
James Ryan

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