Disrespectful Behaviour will not be Tolerated


Good morning fans and friends. Here’s the deal…

If I post something controversial (which is almost always) onto my Facebook wall, Twitter account, etc., please know that the main purpose is not to thrust my views onto others. It’s to raise awareness on topical issues, encourage independent thought, and spark debate in areas that may require further discussion and clarity. With that being said, I consider everyone on my social media (particularly on Facebook) to be a “friend” of mine, and as such, I will not tolerate anyone insulting each other over a difference in opinions. Save that nonsense for the bullshit Internet forums – the home of the nameless, faceless and cowardly.

If you want to debate your points of view in an intelligent way – great! Convince the other person that your point of view is the correct or “better” one. Or failing that, just accept the fact that not everyone can “see the light” in the same way that you do and not everyone needs to agree with you in order to validate your own personal beliefs and self-worth.

If you need to resort to insults, name calling, or what essentially is the definition of on-line bullying (that NEVER changes other people’s opinions btw), then in the future, I won’t be deleting the post that caused the disrespectful behaviour. I’ll simply delete the “friends.” And no, this is not up for debate or discussion.



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