Try Not to take your Miserable Life out on your Kids

James Ryan

Sitting in my home office today, which overlooks the park, I overheard a woman cursing (f*%$ off!) and repeatedly uttering the words “shut up,” which were obviously directed at someone that I can only assume was a person that she didn’t like very much. So I stood up from my chair, only to see this behemoth of a woman parking her car and yelling at a very cute and very small 3-year old girl, who just so happened to be sitting in the backseat of the car (no carseat of course).

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” she continued. “I don’t like whiny little brats. Now go over there [the park] and play or you’re going home,” she said as she grabbed the little girl by the arm before practically dragging her across the road.

“Mom of the Year” certainly made playing sound like a tonne of fun, didn’t she?

This little girl then proceeded to flip off her sandals so that she could run barefoot through the grass. Apparently, that was a HUGE mistake.

“What are you doing?!” the mother screamed. “Put your Goddamn shoes back on! Do you want to go home?” she yelled. “No,” the little girl responded. “Then do what you’re told and stop acting like a little brat,” the mother snapped.

Honestly, it’s rare that I’ll judge another parent. Everyone has a bad day every now and then, but c’mon…seriously?

Swearing and yelling like that at a little child? No doubt this girl’s self-esteem will end up in the toilet when she gets older, which if I were to guess, is exactly where the mother’s has been for years.

The impression that I got from this woman was that she honestly hated this poor little girl. Her contempt towards everything that she did was just way over the top.

To me, this just seriously reinforces the point that some people should not be allowed to have kids. Ever.

Lessons: Let your kids be kids, and give respect to get respect. As the parent, you need to lead by example.

James Ryan
James Ryan


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