UFC Threatens Lifetime Ban Against TapouT Over Fedor T-Shirt Production

James Ryan

“Hell hath no fury like [Dana White] scorned.”

The saga between Dana White/UFC and Fedor Emelianenko/M-1 Global is very long and complicated.

The short version is that Dana White has historically been incredibly disrespectful towards Emelianenko for his refusal to fight under the monopoly known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This has apparently created a lot of resentment from Mr. White who has seen fit to try to undermine and destroy “The Last Emperor” by any means necessary.

“Damn you Fedor and you insolent behaviour!!”

The UFC has made recent claims that they would love nothing more than to sign the legendary Fedor, although they sure have a funny way of showing it.

Co-owner and President of M-1 Global, Vadim Finkelchtein, accused the UFC this week of blocking a potential deal between Fedor Emelianenko and TapouT, the world’s most recognizable brand of Mixed Martial Arts apparel and merchandise.

TapouT produced a Fedor shirt that will probably never see the light of day under threat of a lifetime ban from the UFC.

“I’m afraid to disappoint the fans, but it seems like, never. Literally today, they called me from the TapouT firm and told me that they were contacted by [UFC President] Dana [White] of the UFC, and that under the threat of tearing up all the contracts with their organization demanded that TapouT categorically stop producing all the shirts from the line of Fedor Emelianenko.

“This is how Dana White feels about Fedor. So tell me, what can we think about such a person after this, that even in things that have nothing to do with UFC, he still tries to mess it up for us? So it seems that the shirts will just stay a rarity that fans will see in pictures. Say thanks to the UFC and their politics of monopoly.

“The person from TapouT management originally told us that, no, there weren’t going to be any problems, that TapouT was a company that was older than the UFC and they were a company which has been in the market with fighters that don’t necessarily fight in the UFC.

“Fedor isn’t greedy. He’s used to these kinds of fallouts from our friend Dana White, and to be honest, this didn’t come as a surprise [to him].

“How does a T-shirt deal for a fighter have anything to do with the UFC? The same thing happened with the RVCA deal we had, and this shows that there is constant pressure, that we’re constantly trying to be tripped up by the UFC. We’re not the UFC. We’re not Dana White and we have no interest in hurting the business of other companies and organizations.

“Unlike Dana White, who is sometimes cruel, we have no interest in hurting other people in this business, or companies for that matter.

“There are a number of companies that, because of pressure from the UFC, have never gone into a deal with us because they were afraid of what the consequences would be based on the precedence of companies that have sponsored him [in the past]. Currently the conductor of everything is Dana White, so what can we do? The only thing we can do is shrug our shoulders and continue on. We’ve told the truth and there’s no reason to hide.”—Finkelchtein

The UFC has apparently cost M-1 a seven-figure deal with the popular MMA clothing company, TapouT, after threatening to ban the company from future events if they didn’t back out of the deal they had with Fedor Emelianenko.

Are we starting to get the sense that the UFC isn’t as concerned about the success of the MMA Industry as a whole, as they are with their own Global dominance?

I am.


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James Ryan
James Ryan


  1. Iron Empire MMA

    Sad that the guys at Tapout bowed down to the all mighty Dana….. Thats the problen with MMA today…..one organization shouldn’t have that much influence over the industry…….

  2. Pooch

    It is obvious Fedor has no use for the UFC. I understand where he is coming from. I trained Judo as a younger man and the martial arts are based on respect for the other competitor whatever the outcome. In the video interview Fedor said he doesn’t like what the UFC has done to MMA in the fact that it has commercialized it to the point every fight is based on each fighter hating the other fighter. Every fight in the UFC seems to be a grudge match pitting hated enemies in the cage which goes against everything martial arts represents. The UFC is beginning to be like the WWE. James Toney Come on? He was one of my favorite fighters in the day.Thats why boxing is dead.every Mike Tyson fight became a joke near the end with the crap he did to sell the fight. Mike Tyson in his prime didn’t have to say anything he just showed up and fought.
    My final thought is Fedor may have found his way out of MMA tonight. He is too smart to have fallen into not one but two submissions.It would be a lot easier to retire and do what he wants to do and that is serve his people by entering politics in his home country. God Bless Fedor.


  3. Chris

    See, now wasnt it the same for affliction when they started their own promotion, and wasnt Tapout fairly scarce in the UFC when they had their own reality tv show? Its just Dana’s way of leverageing companies to get them to what he wants… almost extortion if you ask me….

  4. Smoy

    Wow… This sort of monopolistic behavior is appalling…. That is a pretty sweet Tshirt we are all going to miss out on….

  5. Nic

    For sports it is actually better for everyone involved if there were one organization that was recognized as the top tier of that sport. Look at the big four in the United States. If there were some other organizations with great teams that raised doubts about the supremacy of the Lakers, Yankees, Blackhawks, or Saints and they never played the champs of those other organizations, it would be bad for the sports themselves and the fans. As fun as it is to argue about who would beat who, it is more fun to watch the best guys fight each other. It would be best for MMA if the best guys were all in the same place making tons of money fighting the best opponents they could. For that you need a clear major and minor league. Like Dana White or not, the UFC is the closest thing to a major league.

  6. jared

    Didn’t we just recently something similar to this within the NFL in regards to merchandise affiliated with the New Orleans Saints. If we make a big enough rise about this, and it becomes a very real and prominent story within not only the MMA community but the nation as a whole, then there is a slim chance that the federal government will get involved. If that were to ever happen, then Dana White would finally be put in his place.

  7. mike cooper

    its sad actually , you look at the potential in mma , wheres its going and i do contribute alot to the ufc and Dana white , but to publicly discredit everyone and play unfair so the competition cannot make money shows the class the ufc has , and then to call yourself the best , biggest maybe but if they fired dana white and hired a guy people actually like that had some class the business would get alot more respect. Tapout gave their heart and soul to be where they are now , thats just disrespectful on the ufc part.

  8. Canadian Amateur Fight League

    i like all mma and Strikeforce had some great fights tonight and has some fighters i really like , i don;t think its fair to the sport in general to crush the competion every chance you get , in business does’nt competition make you strive to be better?

  9. James Ryan

    Precisely , and competition keeps you honest, imagine the UFC in ten years from now when they own 99% of the MMA Industry, what quality of product will they be putting out? They figured out that there’s no money to be made in martial arts alone so they are creating a full contact “real” version of the WWE , Lord help us!

  10. Canadian Amateur Fight League

    James you are exactly right , but more and more people will walk away from supporting the ufc , thats the problem , everyone gets caught in the hype , strikeforce put out a great product tonight , why would real fans want to lose that? no 3 rounds of octagon control hugging , cung lee looked amazing , and cyborg is wow..

  11. James Ryan

    I don’t see fans walking away from the UFC as a problem, maybe it will strengthen other oranizations as well, and possibly help other MMA businesses grow, look at the money lost between TapouT and M-1 as an example

  12. Canadian Amateur Fight League

    hopefully other organizations will unite or something , I can’t understand why everyone wants strikeforce gone serious that was a good show , i don;t think the ufc is bringing us the best product as of late. the spider in abu dabi was horrible, and that guys gets called the best pound for pound by dana white , and it cost hard earned money to watch…

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