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James Ryan


Welcome to my very first blog post. Special thanks to my good friend, Paul Dalton for starting this blog for me, thus helping me to begin my dream of becoming a professional writer.

Getting involved in coaching is easy. Anyone can do it.

Being a good coach however, is a completely different (and much more complicated) story.

Some may say that I take coaching too seriously. Coaching is teaching and yes, I take teaching very seriously. Combined with the responsibility that we all have to set good examples with our youth, I might ask, why don’t more coaches take their position as a ‘Coach’ (mentor, teacher, role-model, parent, leader) MORE seriously?

It seems that far too many coaches are failing to realize that coaching is about the players (and in some cases – their sons and daughters) and not about their dream to coach an NFL football team (or any other professional sports team).

Then again, I’ve met many coaches who have a definite ‘player first’ attitude towards coaching. They have learned to keep their own emotions out of the game and they constantly provide their players with patient instruction and positive reinforcement. In a world of single parents and multiple jobs, these men and women who try their best to make a positive influence on our youth and society are the real heroes.

The other coaches who are only involved in sport for their own personal gratification (no joke – last week, one of the coaches in our league was overheard by an Official telling his players that they were “F#%$#@* Terrible!!”), need a serious slap upside the head.

The actions of these types of coaches undermine and insult everything that is good in coaching and I for one will not tolerate this level of behaviour. I encourage you all to stand up and do the same.

Coach James Ryan

James Ryan
James Ryan



  1. Paul

    I play baseball and had a parent coach me. I remember a specific time that my father and the other coach were screaming back n’ forth at each other as I was up to bat.

    I struck out. I was too distracted and embarrassed to really focus.

    All I could hear was:

    “I can’t say shut up, be he can say Kiss My Ass!?”

  2. Jane

    Geez, James! I am totally in awe of this site….you have brought it back to basics and then moved forward again! I would love it if you could coach my sons!

  3. Debbie

    So glad to read your site and your story and insite on life. It's great to get to know you more and what you have learnt and your experiences and I think you are a great guy and dad.

  4. Steve

    Hey .. great website and tutorial about yourself! Good Job …. ever think about becoming an athletic trainer for boys hockey ? lol .. I need one for the upcoming season ! .. Keep up the good work, see you soon !

  5. Holly

    Hey James,

    Just finished looking around your website. I really liked your article, how true it is. Is it ok if I share it with my dad who coaches hockey? I think he could get a lot out of reading it. Keep up the good work.


  6. James

    Absolutely!! Thanks for the positive feedback and remember to check back regularly as I will be updating the site with new articles every few days.

  7. Marcus

    Just checked out your latest post on your blog and I agree with you 100%. I
    went to a coaching clinic back in May and Chris Speilman was the guest
    speaker. He is a former NFL LB with DET/BUF/CLE. The first thing he did
    was list every single coach he had ever had. It really drove home the
    fact that as Coaches we are Role Models and need to model good behaviour.

  8. Steven G

    Hi James,

    Hope you are well. I really the like the overall presentation of your site. It's an impressive layout and very easy to navigate. Extremely professional. Your writing is solid. I'm not usually a big fan of blogs because there's a lot of garbage out there, but your postings have substance. I like the fact that you are fequently updating the site and have links to Twitter and Facebook. It's crazy how the online social media has taken off.

    Any plans to upload “instructional” or “inspirational” videos of yourself or others?

  9. Barry


    Totally impressed. You not only know coaching and kids, but your skills with the new computer technology is completely pro level. I'm happy that I finally figured out how this facebook stuff works.

    All the best.


  10. James

    LOL thanks Barry.

  11. Cary

    Hi James. I have now had a chance to read your articles and I even spent some time on your website. Learned some things I did not know. Anyway, you have expressed yourself quite well and summing things up, I think you are a great coach. I watch you week after week and you make an honest effort to spend time with all the kids. With that in mind, I (we) want to thank you for including Garrett with the Irish this summer. It really kept him occupied but most of all keeping him active in football. Instead of rambling, let's meet up in the next couple of weeks.


  12. Celeste

    Hello there Jamie!

    I remember you from back in high school. What a heartening story. It is great to hear that you are giving so much of yourself to bettering the lives of young ones.

    Good for you!

  13. Q

    Hey Envy,
    I finally found the time to look on your website and started reading some of your articles. First let me say how impressed I was! With not only the content and topics but also the writing. Hmm, how was it that YOU got so much out of that english class we took together and I still struggle?!!?? lol
    Very good job Jamie!
    Have a great day!

  14. Denise

    Hi James
    Like it and reading about you is very impressive, you little devil! Your friend did a great job in design, simple and easy to retrieve info, etc.

  15. Thanks! ( from the designer! )

  16. Olivia

    Great site James!! I've finally had some time to get online and sit down with a tea and go through some things!!! Good stuff…..keep it up, sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. That matters in life, not many people find their calling even after searching for it :)

  17. Marc

    Hope all is good with you and this might sound corny but I still remember and use quite a few things you mentioned/taught in class a few years back!

    Thanks again,

  18. Eileen

    Hi James, I was able to spend a few minutes tonight reading through some of the posts. .. A few minutes then turned into a few more. … my girls are happy since they got to stay up a little later. :) I truly enjoyed reading about the father son trip, life-long learning (which is something I believe strongly in) and then a bit of the 'about me'.

  19. Stoker

    haha ..you are on your way up my friend, remember me when you are at the top…I like your style…lol..all the best with your website.

  20. James,
    Being a parent and parttime coach to whatever team my daughter is on at the time, kids are like sponges they see,feel,and hear alot more than most give them credit for. Thanks for being one of the good guys for them too.

  21. Jamie:
    Hey man, never mind the article, great job on the website man…Just added it to my favorites and will continue enjoying browsing through it…Great articles man, it's fun reading political opinions written by my Buddy who use to live around the corner…Keep hittin' em outta the park brother…P.S. I hope I am not one of the crew U wrote about in your Bio who was part of the “Runnin with a bad Crowd”….F$^#$..Lol…Cheers Mate…Gaff

  22. Hello Coach Ryan!…great articles….you echo what I have been saying for years regarding the accountability of the Mixed Up Martial Arts World. I too have started blogging on my web site…much more to come…I think we share the same idea's and concepts…pleasure reading your stuff…Coach


  23. My name is Dean Serneels. I am the owner and founder of Flairco Inc. As the founder of this hospitality based company I have invented and successfully marketed many proprietary products to the bar and restaurant industry. I am also an award winning trainer and motivational speaker within the industry. My training revolves around educating young adults working in bars and restaurants to appreciate their role and demonstrate to them how to create true career potential within the dynamic hospitality industry.

    I have known James Ryan for many years and have had many occasions to work directly with him on various projects within the Hospitality field. James has always proven to be an incredibly enthusiastic team leader. He automatically raises the morale in a room simply by entering it himself. He is witty and funny never letting that overcome the seriousness of a situation yet using this talent to increase his ability to communicate with others.

    James has always proven to be a quick, rational thinker that can seek solutions and quick resolve to challenges on the go. Sharp under pressure I have never witnessed James let any situation get the better of him. James continues to impress me with his own professional development and career moves. He would make a tremendous contribution to any organization lucky enough to have him on their team.

    As a trainer and team leader myself, James Ryan comes to you with my highest professional recommendation.

    Dean Serneels
    President, Owner
    Flairco Inc

  24. I agree with many of your comments…and as you and I know as Coaches…OUR first responsibility is to our athletes and to their development in the sport as well as their development as positive and productive human beings.

    Great job!

  25. i was trying to get my dad to watch mma.i was showing him stuff on the web and telling him about the sport.when we came up on mirs comments . he is a very critical man and decided he did not think much of the sportsmanship. this morning i sent him a link to your article.he liked what he read. he emailed me back and said maybe. i appreciate your article because it does show that the fans are not barbaric and do not think it should be tolerated i read some where mir would not let his children watch tuf because of a reason that in my opinion was not even close to what he said please excuse spelling and capital letters im really trying

  26. Robert R

    I had a customer relations instructor once tell me to always be positive, so I am excellent too.
    I have not found any work as of yet but have had a few interviews. I really don’t know how some of these shops expect you to pay a mortgage with minimum wage, but I keep on applying. I am quite heavy into racing so I have been doing lots of racing stuff out of my place here. It’s whats been keeping me going.
    Are you instructing this year? You had mentioned that you probably were not, but things could have changed between now and then. I sent a complaint letter to a business this summer and recommended her to take your course at the college. I told her she might be able to learn a few things on how to treat customers. I had a memory trigger there so I decided to throw that last thought in.
    When I am down at the college to pick up my transcript I will stop by to see if you are around and say hi.
    Thanks again, Rob

  27. Fiona

    Kevin and I were chatting this morning about what a fabulous job you did with the graduation. You clearly established a great rapport with the students. You are a wonderful host and did a fabulous job with Kim Craitor’s speech. Thanks once again for making the program and the evening such a success.
    I have contacted marketing about capturing success stories and will keep you posted.
    Thanks again

  28. Marcus

    I took a call from a guy and his son is interested in playing with
    the Storm. He mentioned that his son played for you on the Irish. He had
    nothing but positive things to say about you as a Coach. I just thought I
    would let you know. Keep up the good work!


  29. M Stake

    To Whom it May Concern,

    It is with great pleasure that I recommend James Ryan, whom I have known for over three years.

    James has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower.

    In addition to his excellent professional accomplishments, he has proven his leadership ability by coaching a football team in the Niagara Regional Minor Football Association. He was able to provide young people an opportunity to compete and learn good sportsmanship.

    He is also a most dependable team player. His good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to his endeavors.

    James would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.

    Marcus Stake

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